Worried on the route, mail carriers press forward amid pandemic

Nationally, 1,219 Postal Service workers in a 630,000-person workforce had tested positive as of Tuesday. The American Postal Workers Union, one of several labor groups representing Postal Service employees, said there have been 44 deaths.

“There is fear, there is anxiety and there is apprehensiveness,” Grosskopf said. “You are getting conflicting information coming out of different levels of the government. It’s very difficult to figure out fact from fiction.”

Postal employees who handle and deliver mail are protected with personal protective equipment – gloves, masks, hand sanitizer – and are given recommended protocols for staying safe, Grosskopf said. The Postal Service has been responsive to employee needs, he said.

Still, catching the coronavirus is something many mail carriers worry about.

“I think about it every day,” said Puchalski, who typically delivers mail on eight to 12 streets, walking six to eight miles a day. “Management is providing us a lot of different personal protection equipment, but every day you never know.

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