Woman pushes MN mail carrier while trying to take mail

July 13, 2017

A mail carrier was reportedly pushed by a woman July 3 in Elk River.
The woman had approached the mail carrier in the 1100 block of Lions Park Drive in Elk River and began yelling, taking mail and tearing it up. She then allegedly tried to take a piece of certified mail and pushed the mail carrier, according to the police report.
The incident was reported to the Elk River Police Department, and a postal inspector is also on the case.


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Heather Haney

Push her ass back and spray her like a dog! ?

Beth Froidcoeur Meyer

Horn. We have to use horns now. Pc compliant.

Angie Sorger

Oh someone needs a visit from a postal inspector and a timeout

Lisa Ann Cogan

Hope it was only her mail she was destroying!

Josh Ham

Justin Cleary what you know about this!?!

Susie Schulz

Get your phone out and at least record the audio.

Ron Simonetti

Assault! Happened 2 me

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