Woman (postal worker) dies after being pinned by own vehicle near Ann Arbor

LYNDON TOWNSHIP, MI – A woman was pinned by a U.S. Postal Service vehicle against a handrail and died in Lyndon Township Wednesday, March 21, according to authorities.

Authorities believe she may have been a postal worker delivering packages, but couldn’t confirm her identity Wednesday.

The incident took place in front of a home that sits on a hill.

“We don’t know if it rolled or maybe it was in neutral or if the parking brake went out,” Chelsea Area Fire Chief Robert Arbini said. “We have no idea how the person got wedged between this particular vehicle and the handrail.”

The handrail runs along a set of steps that lead to a lake behind the home, Arbini said.

Authorities were dispatched to the home on Blind Lake Road about 1:31 p.m. Wednesday, Arbini said.

A resident called police, but the woman was pronounced dead when authorities arrived, Arbini said.

“Someone at the residence heard some yelling or screaming,” Arbini said. “They came out and there was nothing they could do to help the situation.”

Arbini said the woman may have been the driver of the truck.

“There was one person on scene, so I’m going to guess it was the driver,” he said.

The Dexter Fire Department, Michigan State Police and paramedics from Huron Valley Ambulance assisted at the scene.


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Doesn’t surprise me. Very few parking brakes work in our office.

Sad. Prayers

Was it a Jeep?

Sending prayers to her family and friends…

Omg how horrible!!!

Prayers from 95650

Prayers from 43050

Sending prayers to her family and friends from 49404


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