Woman outraged after she says letter carrier pepper sprayed her dog

April 20, 2017

MILWAUKEE — Dogs and postal workers don’t always get along, but a Milwaukee woman says a letter carrier went too far. She says her nine-month-old puppy was pepper sprayed by a mailman while the dog was inside her home.

Jackie Lemke says her letter carrier delivered an unwanted surprise on Saturday afternoon, April 15th.

“I saw the carrier approaching and he came to the door and pepper sprayed my dog through the screen door,” Lemke said.

Lemke said Frankie, a Puggle, was only barking, and was secured inside her home.


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18 Comments on "Woman outraged after she says letter carrier pepper sprayed her dog"

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Dawn Harris

Need more details…that doesn’t make sense…

Pam McDaniel Cox

Really? Put your dogs away?

April Vinyard

Sounds like this story is missing pieces….why would the carrier spray a dog THROUGH a shut door….?

Tj Rife

It doesn’t hurt them stop crying

Kearney A Smith III

Whats her address, i spray em again

Jamie Nielsen Deiss


Connie Romeril

We just had a carrier mauled by a rotty yesterday…then found out the dog had NONE of his vaccinations 🙁

Tracy Sheffield Carter

Naw. Don’t believe this story!

Birgit Walton

We just had a carrier bit too and a couple days later the supervisor walks in and informs us that if we don’t have a empty tub or tray to put between us and the dog “we will be at fault if we get bit”!!!
I am a dog owner myself and if I can secure my dog before I open the door, so can the customer.

Linda Henderson

So you gotta carry a tub or tray to every door?
They just told us to not knock or ring the doorbell (so as not to alert the dog) . Drop and run.

Gerry Nance

Londa, you mean gentle place and run?

Birgit Walton

Yes, our supervisor said that most parcels would fit in a tub anyway and we can use it to carry the parcel to the door.

Wendy Lewis Stagner

We got city carrier bags to use. They are huge! Union said to mark time on pay sheet.

Jeremy Kinnunen

I see a dog, I’m not getting out. We all know it would be our fault for getting bit.

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