With the Increase in Parcel Volume, What is the Impact on Rural Area Customers and Carriers?

There are about 136,000 rural letter carriers and contract delivery suppliers serving thousands of families and businesses in rural and suburban areas covering millions of miles daily. Most recent statistics show that rural letter carriers delivered over 800 million letters and parcels over the past year.

The mail volume mix rural letter carriers are delivering is changing. Letters and flats are decreasing while parcels are increasing. Over the last year parcel volume has increased by over 6 million parcels.

The increase in parcel volume may have prevented rural carriers from completing deliveries within the standard work day, resulting in late delivery and possible increases in overtime hours.

We are conducting this audit to determine the impact of parcel delivery on rural carrier labor costs.

  • If you live in a rural area, has parcel delivery service improved or declined, and if so, why do you believe this is happening?
  • What do you believe the Postal Service can do to improve its efficiency when delivering parcels in rural areas?
  • How has the increase in parcels or changes in the overall mail mix impacted rural carrier delivery services?
  • How has increased parcel volume impacted overtime and extra trips for rural carriers and contracted rural carriers?


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William Scott Edens

Do for rural carriers what they do for CDS (Contract Delivery Service) Suppliers. Pay them TWICE! At the Locust Grove VA Post Office contract carriers are paid twice during the peak season and sometimes during the year. The CDS carriers fill his or her primary mail vehicle will mail and parcels. They then show the Post Master the full vehicle and get approval for an additional trip (more money). After they ascertain the second payment, they call in their sub-contractor and SPLIT the route. They each make one trip. The contractor is getting paid one, his contract pay and two,… Read more »


Whom ever is doing this audit – I got one thing to say – “GO FUCK YOURSELF” Time and time again between the audits and the famous postal survey, whatever the workers have to say, express their opinions, make suggestions to help make it better – doesn’t mean crap. Workers opinions don’t mean anything because management thinks their shit is better then everybody else Maybe the person(s) in charge of this bullshit can take this suggestion – quit – save the postal service some money and time for doing this useless and wasting every bodies time. You really want some… Read more »

vincent hammerl

You do know that rural carriers are paid evaluated time, except during Christmas overtime, and then you NEVER see any extra time. Whether it’s snow up to your a__ or ice or whatever, doesn’t matter, NO ot. The USPS doesn’t care about the rural carrier, the more parcels the better. Now they will bring in any and everybody to make sure the city carriers get the parcels delivered when they are suppose to, or they will fudge the time… if you know what I mean. The management doesn’t give a da_n about the rural carriers unless they can make money… Read more »

Clayton Norris

Rural Carriers are being taken advantage of. Our Union has been silent on this subject ever since the Amazon contract went into effect. Not only are we working 2 to 3 hours off the clock each day, our bodies are being destroyed. A Rural Carriers Golden years will be pudding day at the assisted living center.

josie shaw

I agree how can we have our union fight for us this is getting old FAST we are working without a contract so why can’t we go on strike I am exhausted every day it gets harder and harder to go into work and nobody cares!!!!!!!!! Really making me mad I had two sick days guess what one of the days they gave me LEAVE WITHOUT PAY!!!!!!!!!! I have plenty of sick days I need my money the union sure acting like they are on the post office side I was even told I had to bring documentation so I… Read more »

the ox 1

i have maintained for along time the ONLY way this amazon contract makes any sense financially is because of all the free hours they get out of the rural craft.when i brought this up at a recent union meting steward went nuts and thought i was talking about working off the clock.i chuckled and said no you idiot,i am talking about the hours and hours worked over evaluation day after day by The members of this craft.IF,and only IF those hours start getting accounted for will the post office realize how much money is being shot by being amazons slaves.it… Read more »

Emily M Morse

Make our routes mail routes again . Make a parcle delivery route for oversized packages. Its ridiculous what you expect us to get in private vehicles. Come do our job in a private vehicle and see how many bundles of papers and box holders and trays of mail you can get in a jeep. Oh and dont forget 2 or 3 huge boxes of dog food , vacuums , rolled mattresses and all the other large size packages we have to deliver in 1 trip.

William Scott Edens

Wow! Contractor carriers are treated better than this. We get paid twice when our vehicle is full even during peak season. The bonus is on the second payment we get to call in our sub contractors and pay them from our extra pay. Here is the double bonus, we don’t have to pay them dollar for dollar. We can pocket what we don’t pay out. Here is the triple bonus, during peak season we are not out on the street after 5pm. We get double pay, call in our sub, split the route and are done the same time as… Read more »

Justin Williams

When the cost analysis is done for comparing CDS cost to rural delivery cost, this needs to be taken into account. NRLCA agreement prohibits CDS cost from exceeding cost of rural delivery.


I’m not sure where you deliver mail but we as contractors are treated very unfair and we are surely not paid 150.00 a day either as another one stated . I have to deliver every piece of mail and every package daily and if not I must answer for why I couldn’t . Contractors in the small areas are definitely not getting a SWEET deal .

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