Windsor Residents File Hundreds Of Complaints Against ‘Struggling’ Post Office

When the package arrived in Holly Smith’s mailbox from the Windsor Post Office, it was falling apart. A rubber band had been wrapped around the box, barely holding it shut. The note taped on its side read “delivered to wrong address.”

Inside, someone had rummaged through the contents, taking a $50 gift card, Smith wrote in a complaint filed with the town of Windsor last year. The incident was just one of many, she said.

“The post office has caused me so many headaches but even more frustratingly, money,” she wrote. “Something has to change, and I believe I can speak for many of my neighbors when I say we WONT stand for this any longer.”

More than 200 residents have filed complaints with the town of Windsor over the last year, calling for solutions to a local post office system struggling to keep up with the community’s population growth in recent years.

The complaints, obtained by KUNC via a public records request, range from damaged packages to missing checks to lost medications. Complaints also frequently cited rude customer service and a lack of interest from post office staff in addressing the problems.

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Typical postal management.No customer service. Just concerned with fake numbers to get there bonuses.Most management can’t tell difference between bulk flats and peridicals.Training is a joke in post office.