Williamsburg, Greenpoint Post Offices Make Changes After Audit Uncovers Undelivered Mail

Outside the Williamsburg and Greenpoint post offices, workers are loading trucks and setting off on foot to make sure the mail gets to its intended destination. These days, a lot of eyes are watching to see how well they’re doing their jobs.

Dontre Martin uses the Williamsburg post office and says service has been getting better.

“I’ve seen a lot of improvement with them being on time, with them making sure everybody is getting their stuff, making sure they are basically ringing people’s bells when people need their mail and stuff,” he said.

“They are kind of slow in there, but I can say they do get the job done,” said Ashley Rivera, a Williamsburg postal customer.

Last summer, the job wasn’t getting done. In August, an audit found boxes of undelivered mail stacked inside, problems in scanning packages and a $17,000 daily deposit in a locked vault with the key hanging next to it. The auditors also found a loose check dated July 4, 2016 in a tub of postage-due mail, and a container of marketing mail apparently from 2018.

The audit was launched at the request of local members of Congress, who had been receiving complaints from residents about mail servivce in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

According to the audit, Postal Service management did not challenge any of the findings and agreed with the audit’s recommendations for improvements.

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