Wife of slain postal carrier recalls moment she learned of his death

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The family of a U.S. Postal carrier continues to grieve the shocking loss of Pepe Hernandez.

He was killed while delivering mail in southwest Albuquerque.

“It’s been hard,” said Nikki Hernandez, who was married to Pepe. “We miss him, we are all grieving.”

Nikki said she became worried on April 22 when Pepe didn’t come home at the usual time.

“I heard the doorbell ring and there was a group of people at the doorstep,” Nikki said. “They broke the news and it took a while to sink in. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was the worst day of my life.”

Nikki wants people to know that her husband, an Iraq War veteran, served everyone, everywhere

“He would tell us when he came home from work he would change somebody’s flat tire on the side of the road,” Nikki said. “He would repair somebody’s broken mailbox.”

Nikki said Pepe was a true family man.

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