Weather, volcano wreak havoc on mail delivery in Hawaii

KILAUEA — Hanalei residents are still trekking to the Kilauea post office for their mail while and hazard response coordinators are working to get the Hanalei post office back up and running after Kauai’s April flooding.

United States Postal Service representatives don’t know how long it’s going to take to get Hanalei’s post office on its feet again.

“We appreciate our Hanalei customers’ patience, understanding and support as we proceed with the repairs that must be made to the Hanalei post office,” said Duke Gonzales, spokesman for USPS. “Those repairs are in the early stages. I don’t yet have an estimate as to how long those repairs will take.”

Extended hours are still in effect for both Kilauea and Princeville post offices, and that’s just on Kauai.

On the island of Hawaii, the USPS is reworking service routes in light of the volcanic explosions that are rocking communities, spewing both toxic gases and hot lava into the streets.

Impacts to the USPS on the Big Island are mostly in the Puna region, and the USPS announced Tuesday the Hilo downtown post office, which closed May 4, has reopened for business.

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