WA Mailman saves mail before scrambling from burning truck

Wolfe was able to grab one box of mail that he’d already picked up, which he sat holding on the side of the road while firefighters worked to douse the flames. Another box of undelivered mail was not so fortunate; a firefighter pulled the smoking container from the vehicle, but not before about one third of the contents was scorched or damaged.

“We saved what we could of the mail,” Fire Chief Rusty Palmer said. “The heaviest fire was in the dash and under the hood. We were able to put it out pretty quickly.”

Palmer suspects a fuel leak was to blame for the fire. A trail of gas could be seen on Mutiny Bay Road on the route Wolfe typically takes to deliver mail.

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They are 30+ years old and maintenance is not a priority

Glad your safe !! Mine was in June ….

I just can’t believe that USPS allows us to use these rattle traps….so unsafe