Volunteers needed – Postal employees can help rebuild Puerto Rico

October 17, 2017

USPS is accepting requests from employees who want to volunteer to work in Puerto Rico to help restore service following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

If you wish to participate, you must submit a letter of intent no later than Friday, Oct. 20.

Career and non-career employees are needed. Those selected will work in their assigned crafts. To cite two examples, letter carriers will carry mail, while mail handlers will support processing activities.

The Postal Service won’t pay travel, housing or per diem. You’ll need to arrange your own accommodations with relatives who live in the area — and you’ll need to state this in your letter.

You’ll get your regular pay, plus overtime when applicable.

Assignments will be made on a 30-day basis and evaluated at the end of each period to determine if the assignment should be renewed.

“This is not an assignment for everyone. But for some of you, it is an opportunity to extend your service in a place and at a time when it is needed,” said Northeastern Area VP Ed Phelan, whose jurisdiction includes the Caribbean.

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Tammy Patton

Jazz Guerra

Jazz Guerra

My grandfather told me its so bad right now he doesn’t want any of us going there and we’re hoping he leaves soon and moves with my mom in CT


I’m Puerto Rican and I do have family their but no way it would not be worth it if I have to pay for my plain car rental …plus my family is struggling to get by….

Carlitos Davila

Marifel Graciani

John E Madden III

wait–whee’s the gunner?—I aint goin up into the mountains and back roads,,,wt out a gunner!!

Sean Robinson

Francheska D Robles Diaz

Dan Devlin

I’d go but if they want me to go they gotta pay travel and accommodations. They get a firefighter out of it too.

Lakisha Potter

Yeah, that’s crazy! No pay for transportation, lodging or food!! NO thanks!

Karen Luttrell York

Lakisha Potter , I’ve got a Supervisor or two I could nominate to send there!!

Melissa Grindey

Beverly Wilhelm, lol, up for a vacation?!?

Beverly Wilhelm

LOL! Saw that too. Think I’ll stick to good old Wisconsin

Bridget Middlestate

Jimmy Mendez no travel pay or accommodations boooo

Alan O'Driscoll

Yeah, but you’d get to work in shorts right through the winter!

Karen Luttrell York

Typical friggin’ Postal Service…

Bridget Middlestate

Alan O’Driscoll too hot this is my perfect weather here in October

Alan O'Driscoll

Bridget Middlestate I agree.

Lael A Jensen

So there’s only 5 days to submit the letter? And my home office needs to be willing to cover my 30 day absence? Love the opportunity to help, but they can’t find cover for me on just one Saturday… ???

Karen Luttrell York

Dear Puerto Rican Americans…. PLEASE, come to Florida, allow your homeland to be re-built, AND TURN FLORIDA BLUE!!

Mike Fortney

I wouldn’t assume most Puerto Ricans are blue. Many (thank God) are not, including all of my Puerto Rican wife’s family.

Michelle Stevens

Carla Young Ward do you know someone there we can shack up with?

Joe Nalley

Sleep in your llv…shower at the waterfall tgat has sewage in it..eat dead animals along the road

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