Video: The Work We Do: Rusty Kransky, mail carrier

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September 25, 2017

Hi, my name is Rusty Kransky and I am a mail carrier in Greenport.

I started in September 2003, so I just celebrated my 14th year.

There are five routes in Greenport. There are two routes where we actually walk with a cart. It’s a lot of walking. The route is 12 miles a day. Up and down streets. Up and down steps, porches.

I usually get to work at 8 o’clock. What you may not know is before we open [the clerks] actually sort all our mail for us.


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Joy Scarborough

The clerks sort out all of his mail? I guess his job is quite different from what I did for 22 years. All the mail for my route was “sorted” into several trays, tubs and hampers and slots on hot cases, I was the one who sorted out the mail into the proper addresses and pulled the undeliverable stuff out, man, I would have been way under evaluation if clerks had “sorted out” all my mail before I go to work in the morning.

Rusty Kransky

This was highly edited. What I meant was that all the clerks sort the mail according to route, so that I only get my own mail and not the mail for the other routes in the office. I do all my sorting myself.

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