Video: How to start your day the USPS way…


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83 Comments on "Video: How to start your day the USPS way…"

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Shawn Defibaugh

That’s me on the way to my route. Except I wear my harness. 😉

Karen Bayles Lee

Yeah we’re supposed to wear the shoulder belt till we start delivering…and where are the parcels?? I took this pic of my cargo area yesterday…it was brutal!

Janie Pedersen

Pkgs just keep getting bigger & bigger!!

Karen Bayles Lee

It’s so crazy, I had this the other day, was huge!

Aaron LaFollette

That pic looks like the collapsible dog kennel I delivered – 55 pounds, the size of a dining room table – I deliver in a Jeep Cherokee…

Aaron LaFollette

Then there’s this.. all to the same address, 3 deep. It turned out to be 2 dozen plastic laundry baskets in their own individual boxes… and a few other large items… 31 packages total.

Karen Bayles Lee


Jon Loftus

We were told we have to wear it the whole time delivering (shoulder belt)

Roxanne Clark

This was probably back when it was still optional to wear the shoulder strap.

Jody Rials Hart

Lap belt only?????? What happened to the suppose to wear both until you reach your first box. And all those intersections? Also…Id badge? Camera where it can see the mail? What happened to sanctity of the mail. Betting he ins’t a career employee…..or won’t be long if he is now. Just saying

Keith Richard Norman

It says “former CCA” LLV was running when he got in too, never started it

Jody Rials Hart

I went back and watched on HD……he had the keys in his hand and put them in and cranked the LLV as he sat down……… Yeah……I know…..I need a life!!!! LOL

D Grant Boston
Camera: you can NOT see addresses, I made sure of it (in fact I did a bit of editing so that in HD they’re unrecognizable). ID badge: It is around my neck but under my shirt because here in Montana it gets windy so the middle of my shirt is unbuttoned as to access it quickly but not out in the open so it won’t get blown off while carrying. Intersections: yes, we have them in Montana & when the light is green we go through them (thought that’s how the rest of the country works, apparently I was wrong)… Read more »

He already quit. Didn’t you read before you commented?

Savoy Amanda

Funny, I start my day with casing.

Josh N Karen Stillwell

Love it

Sarah Barysauskas

Made me almost like Taylor Swift. He was awesome. And why would he be fired? For not wearing his shoulder belt? Congrats to him for quitting!

Michael Cox

Jon Cox!!!!

Jody Rials Hart

Ok……I see…….it says “Former CCA”. LOL

Josh N Karen Stillwell

No where near the way I look leaving for the street but w 3 trays of mail I would be

Heidi Schreiber

Shoulder belt?

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