Video shows Scripps Ranch hit-and-run postal delivery

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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A Scripps Ranch woman did a double take when she found a mailbox post knocked down, the biggest shock came two days later.

Last Thursday afternoon, Elizabeth Spelce came out of her along Cypress Valley Drive and saw it: A wooden post with her mailbox and three others was lying on its side, split apart just above the concrete.

“Disbelief. Stood there for a good minute and stared,” said Spelce.

At first she thought the culprit was the wet, windy weather. Two days later, she took a closer look and realized the wood was not rotted and wasn’t so sure about her wind theory.

She then assumed it might have been some bad driver or teen driver, so she decided to look at her Ring doorbell video.

“It was a little shocking,” said Spelce.

In the video, a mail truck is seen pulling alongside the curb, before running right into the post and toppling the mailboxes. The postal carrier backs up the truck, pulls forward, and soon after, reaches down and delivers the mail. The truck then drives off, apparently resuming its route.


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Ken Abbott

If you have retired from the Postal Service, can you ever be rehired?

Gloria L Rogers

RCA on my route slid in the snow and spun my box around on the post. I tried to get supervisor to come look at the snow tracks where the truck had left the box before and slid into mine. That was November 15. After much insistence, he finally had an RCA drive him out to investigate February 15. Of course I had the box turned around by then. He NEVER contacted me, he never fixed it. I am a retired Rural Carrier.


Just want to mention, there’s are rules and regulations for installing mailboxes. This one seems to be installed too close to the curb. Not that the carrier shouldn’t be responsible for hitting the Box. Postal Management should have explained to the news reporter the rules and regulations on installation of mailboxes. Or maybe postal management did advise the reporter and they failed to put it into their article.

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