7 Comments on "Video: PMG discusses financial health, other topics"

  1. Wow…. she looks like crap. No wonder she’s not attending any USPS functions anymore…she must be tipping the scales at 300 pounds…Hit the gym, Maggie!!! I’m sure they have one at the Spa at L’Enfant Plaza.

  2. That’s what happens when you just sit on your ass all day.

  3. So if she had to haul ass, she would have to make two trips?

  4. All joking aside, it looks like the PMG gig has taken a huge toll on her…she probably would tell you 350 G’s ain’t worth it. You’re really handcuffed on being able to make any business decisions… that’s why nobody worth a damn wants the job… yeah she could have done a better job running the place, but it’s almost mission impossible…. Maggie, we hardly knew ye!!!

  5. Worst PG ever. She has nerve to say one of the USPS GOALS IS TO GET RID OF LONG TERM EMPLOYERS ,and reduce health and retirement benefits, screw her. MEghan have another pie for your pie whole. Promoted under the me too leftest act.

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