2 Comments on "Video: PMG Brennan updates employees on business"

  1. Wow….she looks like crap. What an embarrassment that she’s the face of this organization….get off your lazy ass and hit the gym.

  2. Ugh…PMG BRENNAN-WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO PROMOTE POOR/ FAILED managers…the carrier/clerk/processors have NOTHING TO Do with the failed FINANCIAL DECISIONS YOU ARE MAKING…
    Fwiw….our BENEFITS were the same when the P.O. was operating successfully so your slash and burn proposal is just a lazy disconnected attempt to legitimize your paycheck…
    1- forcing carriers out of a.c. /4×4/(new) vehicles, & placing them in death traps so you don’t have to pay a second trip…NOT working
    2- investing 30million$ in magazine sorting machines when there’s NO magazines- NOT working
    3- forcing carriers to sort mail behind the wheel of an idling old mail truck when the function has ALWAYS been done in the office because its safer and more efficient; can you do your job SAFER and more efficient if we move your desk and computer to the side of the road?…you’ve increased fuel costs, wear n tear on vehicles, and unnecessary exposure to safety risks by increasing the street time.-NOT working

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