Video: Deal between USPS and Amazon set to expire in October

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LeighAnn Snyder

Eileen Warnockk

Jennifer Johnson

I’d be surprised if this actually happens. But USPS needs to help their carriers out some when it comes to delivering large parcels. Our trucks are not big enough for the loads they want us to take!

Lexie j

Carriers would rather have a sunday off


Lets see, start looking at all the costs for amazon…. our vehicles keep breaking worse than before with added sunday delivery, our carriers are getting hurt very fequently because of heavy and oversized parcels, and all our route evauluations just broke all the routes. We have been doing this work for free the last 18 months. Now that we actually are going to get credit for it the contract will expire. Amazon constantly breaks all the size and weight demensions in the dmm, and the USPS lets them. Quite frankly i can’t stand em

Brandi Lynn Dorman

What about amazon pantry you get two or three parcels full of cans topping out at 65lbs a piece and we have no room for dollies or even carts rural carriers really feel that when your front porch is about 30/40 steps away from the drive way it’s just gotten a little bit crazy with the things you can order and we put out

Sara Stephens

Get one that folds flat and stick it on the side wall..use a bungee cord to hold it in place,

Colleen Daves

The way amazon disappeared during count, I figure contract was already over..

Shannon Cole

Haha we will think it’s count all over again ! I wish those sobs would have disappeared the last two days we got hammered !

Sara Stephens

What area are you in? I’m across from Seattle so we are in Amazons backyard and at least on my rt my Amazons didnt go down during count.


I averaged 307 scans a day during the count. I went up from 52.23 standard hours, to 75.96 standard hours. They’re cutting 20 hours off my route due to the amazon volume.

Kelly Stine

Through the roof during count for us! Only thing that slowed down was ups and fed ex drop off…


We went from around 125 / 150 parcels a day on the route to about 30 per day during mail count. What is amazing is amazon didn’t show up for two days during mail count. Fed ex showed up once a week (usually every other day) The two days of amazon not showing up was a FIRST since last mail count. Our routes stayed the same and one route lost 6 minutes and that same route picked up 38 new mailboxes since last mail count. Figure that out


UPS said he was busy like crazy…..because everyone was getting their tax returns…..i said let me know if that changes next week when mail count is done…..I’ll have to ask him.

Anjelika Catalan

Good !


The Postal Service is totally self-supporting. No tax payer dollars are involved in our operation so how can the postal service’s Amazon deal be “costing the tax payers money” as trump claims? More false information from the Master of FAKE NEWS.

Kevin Head

Dang it. I KNEW I should have counted. Our routes that counted gained 3 hours.

Sara Stephens

Count is always a gamble. No way was I going to pass on counting because no way was my rt coming back smaller than what I started with (I also do a few business pick ups daily and those were about double from 3yrs ago).

Patti Sorrels

Most of our routes came back overburdened. I went from 42k to over 48k at 58:29 standard hours.

Kevin Head

One of our routes is 14 boxes away from overburdened. One of them was about 3 minutes into a low J route, ended up a K route. I’m about 3 minutes into a low K, and I could have jumped three levels. Just the actual time loading the car would have gained over an hour….

Dennis Stevens

Pam Perkins

Brittani Loren Acosta

Jennifer Acosta

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