Vape shops fear USPS ruling could put them ‘out of business’

With other shipping companies already refusing to handle their products, USPS has become the go-to parcel carrier for the industry.

“A USPS business-to-business ban would put us out of business,” Mr. Perry said Thursday at his shop, Nice Cloud Vapor, while noting he has already lost a significant number of sales because of inability to ship to online customers.

The postal service, he said, is “the last game in town as far as getting anything shipped to you. If that happens, all vape shops will be gone.”

An amendment late last year to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act — first passed in 2009 as a comprehensive way to regulate cigarette sales — added provisions pertaining to e-cigarettes, an increasingly popular product that has drawn praise in some circles for weaning smokers from tobacco, but condemnation in others for its prevalent usage by teenagers and its own health risks.

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