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That’s because they force us to get a note for 3+ days off

Tyna Jones

My post office forces us to get a note for any use of sick days or sick hours. They also do fact findings of you go to the bathroom, and want a doctors note if you excessively use the restroom, or two or more times a day. That means all the safety pushing towards staying hydrated goes out the window. Lol


The doctors office violated HIPPA laws by giving out that information to her employer.

Cliff Claven

She only had 5 weeks of paid vacation yearly, 13 holidays a year, and 8 hours of sick leave earned every month. That’s 40 days off every year, but she used that up and had to steal more from her employer. How sorry the average American worker feels for her after the coworkers slam on management.


Whoever tried to get this poor lady in trouble for taking some time off deserves to be sent to hell.


Such undermining scrutiny by an employer. They had it out for her, doubt they do that to every employee. She toasted herself and they seized the moment!


You do not have to supply a doctors note unless you are out for four days or more. If your manager or supervisor ask you to present documentation for your sick call or leaving early, you can give them your 3971, and a written note from YOU stating: you were sick so you had to leave work early on said date, sign it and get a copy. Or if you call out and they ask for a note give them the same type of written note. A doctors note is not required for one to three days, after the third… Read more »


One of her dirty coworkers initiated that. What plant manager have time for that kind of investigation?

matty thorsen

She might be a Casual carrier and probably asked that jackass supervisor for a week off and of course the supervisor said no you belong here, the postmaster has the supervisors head in a guillotine and the answer is always no, I Retired after 33, 1/2 years from a processing plant and for you lucky people working in air conditioned offices making 100 thousand plus and working around smart sensible people your lucky, you dont know the Living Hell in the 70’s and 80’s even 90’s when your on post office shipping docks at night with magazines covering 40 thousand… Read more »


Postal management seem to be getting desperate because they want to get rid of their highest paid employees in favor of lower paid with no benefits. They actually spied on me at home by using my mail carrier because they did not belive me even with the doctor’s note. So yes they do find the time to do that kind of thing and one of these days they will get sued over it. I came really close and they know it too.