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  1. That’s because they force us to get a note for 3+ days off

    • Why not just say you don’t have a note. And don’t get paid for the days you don’t work?

    • That’s a shame! Depending when I am sick or take just one day off I need a doctors note as well. I choose to both keep my job and not have officers at my door to serve a warrant to me, so guess what, I do not take the time off unless I am sick and I make sure my doctor is consulted so I can either get in to be seen or have someone pick the document up for me so I will have it upon returning to work!
      That’s one hell of a way to screw up a good job and get arrested at the same time

    • And you don’t think that’s fair?

    • I’m an ex-employee. I was a CCA, they asked me for an appointment card proving I had a appointment! I did not abuse anytime off. After they made me work 60 hours a week for 8 months, I quit. I was completely exhausted!!! I’m not someone who sits easily but that’s crap. No wonder why can’t keep anyone.

  2. My post office forces us to get a note for any use of sick days or sick hours. They also do fact findings of you go to the bathroom, and want a doctors note if you excessively use the restroom, or two or more times a day. That means all the safety pushing towards staying hydrated goes out the window. Lol

    • Gloria Thompson-Price | September 5, 2019 at 7:26 pm | Reply

      That is totally ridiculous.

    • You do not have to supply a doctors note unless you are out for four days or more. If your manager or supervisor ask you to present documentation for your sick call or leaving early, you can give them your 3971, and a written note from YOU stating: you were sick so you had to leave work early on said date, sign it and get a copy. Or if you call out and they ask for a note give them the same type of written note. A doctors note is not required for one to three days, after the third day of using a sick day, a doctors note may be requested. If the manager or supervisor is asking for documentation for one, two, and there days out sick, contact APWU immediately and tell them what is happening. I am a former apwu shop steward. Good luck.

    • So true, one of my routes had no bathroom, Had a turn around time of 30 minutes to closes bathroom.

    • We used to give them bathroom permission slips. They didn’t like that very much. I was told I couldn’t go unless it was on my break. We don’t get breaks at times too. Then what do we do? Is this a Nazi camp or what?

    • Yes, a friend of mine who carried mail
      In NY suffered kidney damage as a result!!

    • They can’t force you. Just don’t do it. Grieve any discipline.

    • Christopher Pennington | September 6, 2019 at 11:00 am | Reply

      Start wearing diapers. After used mail to postmaster

    • You can thank all the employees who took advantage of a more lenient policy.

  3. The doctors office violated HIPPA laws by giving out that information to her employer.

    • No they didn’t disclose any medical information of hers, only validated that they issued no such documentation

    • I’m not sure that’s a violation since the person at the office did not disclose any health information and certainly no doctor-patient confidential information.

    • They most certainly did

      • HIPPA definitely violated due to the fact ANY INFORMATION was given. It does not have to pertain to health records. The fact that they acknowledged she had or hadn’t been at their facility is a violation

      • No they didn’t. HIPPA says you can give out medical information.

    • With Post Office the OIG can gain information that her local manager can not. In other words if there is some sort of crime committed they have the right to ask question. Postmaster, managers and supervisor are not permitted to ask those question that OIG can.

      • I believe they can ask questions but that doesn’t mean that the medical staff should comply just because of the title or uniform. That requires a judge signed warrant to force them to give information. I believe her HIPAA rights were violated by medical staff that was intimidated by a asking officer.

    • Sandra,I managed various types of businesses for 40 years. There are two reasons why HIPPA doesn’t apply here in this case: 1). The USPS did not request specific medical information on this lady and hopefully the DRs office did not give out specific medical information on her. Merely asking the DRs office if they provided the note and then showing the note to them is not requesting anything the lady didn’t provide herself. If the USPS did not show them the note and they gave out information that might violate HIPPA. 2). A person loses all protections,such as HIPPA if they are involved in a criminal conspiracy. They do not lose their normal Constitutional rights though. Unfortunately for this lady she works for Uncle Sam. If this happened in the private sector the lady would be suspended or terminated and there wouldn’t be criminal charges. I did have a situation similar to this that ended up w/ a prosecution. I managed a check cashing company for 8 years. We had 11 cameras in a very small store covering the parking lot and everywhere inside except the restrooms. One of my employees injured himself(badly twisted ankle) at home the night before his morning shift. He did not carry the company’s medical insurance. The cameras showed him arriving for work. He hobbled(poor guy could barely walk) into the building,keyed out the alarm system,clocked in and then threw himself down on the floor writhing around for the benefit of the cameras. He called me and I told him to call an ambulance and do not walk on it!!! His bills were over $4000 and the DR gave him 4 weeks off from work. Several weeks after he returned to work the workmen’s comp insurance company found out we had digital camera feeds of the parking lot and entire building. They requested a disc of the show he put on. It had never occurred to us to look at the camera feeds. After reviewing the disc the insurance company asked the County Attorney to file Insurance Fraud charges. In the state of Indiana Insurance Fraud is a felony. He worked out a plea bargain where he plead guilty and he received a 5 year prison sentence w/ 4 years of it probated. Therefore he served a year in the County Jail and was on probation for 4 years. Had it been up to the company we would have terminated him. Stuck him w/ the $4000 medical bill and everyone would have been satisfied.

    • They (Medical Office) didn’t violate any HIPPA laws, it was a forgery, which they verified and had the absolute right to verify. No one has a legal right to misrepresent any matter on another party’s letterhead or forge signatures. That is illegal, period. Ridiculous post/comment and very foolish on the part of the postal worker.

    • Not true. Confirming its not information generated by the medical practice does not violate anything.

    • Not really. They only commented on the note didn’t originate from their offices. They didn’t comment on any medical issues of the accused.

    • Nathan C Hoffman | September 6, 2019 at 10:17 am | Reply

      Verifying the authenticity of the document does not violate HIPPA or Aria because they supposedly generated it.

    • No they did not. They didn’t give out any of her information.

    • My Thoughts Exactly | September 6, 2019 at 10:48 am | Reply

      No, those laws are about sharing any medical information on a patient.

      For those unfamiliar with HIPAA: it’s the acronym that stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a US law designed to provide privacy standards to protect patients’ medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.

      I’ve been in the medical field since 15 years before HIPAA was enacted. One of the most important Acts ever passed!

      If she hadn’t submitted the note, then USPS couldn’t find out if she had seen a health care provider, or even if she was a patient. The point of a note is to give them the right to only verify her doctor really wrote it & deemed her to be unable to work. No other information, like what she was sick/injured with, could be given.

      BTW Everyone should know their Patient’s Rights. By law, they are clearly stated in large font you should be able to see from the table & prominently displayed (usually a large laminated poster) in every medical office, exam/treatment room, including the ER. Read every time you’re in one, even if you’re w friend/family -so you can be supportive, if needed. Which is all too often!

      I hope this is helpful to everyone out there:)

    • The Dr didn’t give out any of her info. They simply denied signing the note she confessed to forging.

    • I doubt that. When you sign hippa papers at the doctors office, you are giving them permission to release any information to law enforcement organizations.

    • Unless her stupid ass wrote on there if they have any questions please feel free to contact their office

    • Not if there’s no info to give

  4. She only had 5 weeks of paid vacation yearly, 13 holidays a year, and 8 hours of sick leave earned every month. That’s 40 days off every year, but she used that up and had to steal more from her employer. How sorry the average American worker feels for her after the coworkers slam on management.

    • Sick of whiners | September 5, 2019 at 8:10 pm | Reply

      Exactly! You should supply a Dr note if you’re not at work! You’re sick enough to miss 3 days work you need to get to a Dr so that note is easy to get. Pathetic work ethic. Don’t like what USPS does? Get a different job…. good luck finding those benefits and pay scale.

    • You wish…..

    • CINDY L ROBERTS | September 6, 2019 at 3:37 am | Reply

      If she is a PSE,That’s untrue.

    • Do you work for the USPS? Are you in management there? If you were an employee then you would definitely understand. This employer is freaking nuts. Employees are treated like felons and harassed to the brink of insanity. You dont know what was going on in her life. If she had sick leave it was her RIGHT to use it!!!!!!! The USPS does not want to give you the benefits you EARNED. and they have no right questioning her doctor. Most of the criminals in the USPS are in management

    • As a postal carrier, if you’re not a regular, you’re working holidays most likely.You dont get 5 weeks vacation. And depending on her position, she wouldn’t accrue sick days at all. Wanna make some more stuff up?

    • You are assuming she didn’t use sick leave. You’re also assuming USPS doesn’t do this with use of sick leave.

    • She only gets paid for sick leave she EARNED

    • My Thoughts Exactly | September 6, 2019 at 11:35 am | Reply

      Apparently the people who commented here didn’t bother to read yours.

      I asked my carrier, and she verified what you’ve said. She added that once you get by the initial probation period, you’ve got it made With amazing health care coverage, too!

      A work field more people should know & care about: When public school teacher’s get the 6 weeks of summer”off” they spend at least 2 of those writing lesson plans for the next semester, meeting with students and parents, other meetings, and doing a huge amount of paperwork. Plus any state mandated continuing education to keep their teaching license. And because their salaries are usually substandard, many have to get temp jobs or teach summer school. Christmas, Spring Break, etc are the same. And most of the time have to spend hours before & after the 8 hour school day with paperwork & meetings. For an average starting salary of $28K without a PhD. The supposed average $60K for all public school teachers is seriously skewed by a number of factors. After working as a nurse in 3 different schools, I can attest that’s garbage. These were some of the highest ranked (in a good way) in the state & even tenured teachers with PhDs didn’t go over$45K. It’s no wonder so many aren’t going in to teaching & those who are, moving to universities & private schools.

      • Your carrier must work in a really nice office. Probably a wealthy town. It takes at least 15 years to get to the top of the pay scale. Also, you start off in the worst drug & crime invested neighborhoods. You are in whatever the weather is for 8 to 12 hours a day. You have bosses that are constantly monitoring your every move with GPS. There is not always a convenient bathroom so you hold it a lot. The work is dirty and back breaking
        I carried almost 30 years. I don’t miss it at all.

      • I’ve worked as an RCA (sub rural carrier) for 10 years. I do not earn any sick leave, nor do I get any vacation days, no health insurance & no retirement benefits. I work 30-40 hours a week. The USPS is a very complex place to work. Most people think that if you’re a USPS employee, you have it made. & like I just pointed out MY situation, that’s not always true!

    • How about this, I am a carrier for 19 its and I get gout. I have a doctors note when I get it and use that after 3 days off and still get pulled into the office for a management discussion. They told me to apply for FMLA, I did and it got denied twice for a cronic condition? Anyway, she did do wrong to forge a document.

    • those numbers may not be her reality

  5. Snitchesgetstitches | September 5, 2019 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    Whoever tried to get this poor lady in trouble for taking some time off deserves to be sent to hell.

  6. Such undermining scrutiny by an employer. They had it out for her, doubt they do that to every employee. She toasted herself and they seized the moment!

    • I’m a previous Occupational Health Nurse Administrator for the USPS and yes, management harasses every employee if they call in sick (that was one of my many jobs, keeper of medical records)! Employees that have been in service for 10, 20, 30 years, whether its sick time for the flu or for cancer treatment, it didnt matter!! Management looks for any reason to discipline their employees. Their philosophy is to get the employees off the rolls, so they can hire new people.
      The employee harassment that I experienced was mind blowing!! I had never seen anything like it in my 20 years of nursing! And seeing this confirms that it is an organizational wide mind set and not district specific..
      If they treated their employees with respect and not like children or slaves, then they wouldn’t be billions of dollars in the red!! Any organization will tell you that well treated employees directly effects productivity!!
      The USPS employees costs the organization millions of dollars every quarter by working hard at not working because of the harassing, demeaning, demoralizing and discriminatory work conditions!
      I experienced this harassment first hand and wanted to fight it, but filing an EEO complaint is futile, as the complaints are handled by USPS employees! They make the policies up as they go and/or the policies are so generic that the labor relations department tailors them to suit the organizational needs and not the employee needs.
      I was disciplined for an injury I sustained (that I didnt seek treatment for) when pulling myself closer to my desk (they had not provided me with a chair mat). Their rational for my discipline was that, “as the nurse, I should’ve known that pulling myself to the desk would cause injury, so therefore, I didnt follow organizational safety policies.” Yet, they couldnt provide me with any policy that stated no pulling yourself to your desk!! Since I was a career/ supervisor employee there is no union representation, so management can do/say whatever they want!! Once I tried to defend myself (with the EEO) then the retaliation began. And then they get their corporate attorneys involved for intimidation.
      I’m a nurse and I can get a job anywhere and no matter how much i fought, it wouldn’t make any changes in such a fractured organization, so I decided they weren’t worth my time and I moved on. But most of the employees dont have the career opportunities that I do and they get stuck with accepting the horrible treatment and they utilize the unions to be their voice. And this is where the billions of dollars is spent every year, with fighting and paying out employee grievances!!
      It’s a horrible horrible place to work and I warn everyone who thinks about employment with them!!

  7. You do not have to supply a doctors note unless you are out for four days or more. If your manager or supervisor ask you to present documentation for your sick call or leaving early, you can give them your 3971, and a written note from YOU stating: you were sick so you had to leave work early on said date, sign it and get a copy. Or if you call out and they ask for a note give them the same type of written note. A doctors note is not required for one to three days, after the third day of using a sick day, a doctors note may be requested. If the manager or supervisor is asking for documentation for one, two, and there days out sick, contact APWU immediately and tell them what is happening. I am a former apwu shop steward. Good luck.

    • That’s not true anymore. You have to provide a drs note if you’re out sick for 2 or more days now.

      • Kindle is Dire | September 6, 2019 at 7:47 am | Reply

        Correct…management must provide in writing medical documentation is required.
        Then, failure to provide said documentation can result in AWOL/corrective action.

    • You are incorrect. Reread the ELM

    • You can have tons of sick leave and vacation time. They can and do deny requests for time off as well as deny documentation of notes if they want. And that means you don’t get paid!

  8. One of her dirty coworkers initiated that. What plant manager have time for that kind of investigation?

    • Unfortunately they probably hired a specific team of people to investigate like they pay people to go out and follow carriers to make sure they are being safe

  9. She might be a Casual carrier and probably asked that jackass supervisor for a week off and of course the supervisor said no you belong here, the postmaster has the supervisors head in a guillotine and the answer is always no, I Retired after 33, 1/2 years from a processing plant and for you lucky people working in air conditioned offices making 100 thousand plus and working around smart sensible people your lucky, you dont know the Living Hell in the 70’s and 80’s even 90’s when your on post office shipping docks at night with magazines covering 40 thousand sq ft and dumb shit Supervisors and even a dumber plant manager wants to know why this mail isnt on or off trucks, cant explain the Retardation to you here, I would need 2 phone books to tell you everything.

  10. Postal management seem to be getting desperate because they want to get rid of their highest paid employees in favor of lower paid with no benefits. They actually spied on me at home by using my mail carrier because they did not belive me even with the doctor’s note. So yes they do find the time to do that kind of thing and one of these days they will get sued over it. I came really close and they know it too.

    • It’s TRUE Postal mngt seems to be getting desperate they want to get rid of their highest paid employees in favor of lower paid with no benefits. I’m an example of tht. After 20 yrs of service my job was terminated for a bogus allegation, they build on it along with cowrks, & the Union. Even with the truth rt there in blk & white. Theres more, To be continue…

    • Lol sued? If you think management cares about being sued then u are sadly mistaken. Lol sued!!!

    • I would suggest you call your union officer on that, that is harassment plain and simple.
      I retired after 37 yrs.Did several different positions in P.O. I was a rural carrier and
      204-B, DSI,Accademy Instrutor
      and OCI. Bottom line is you lead by example. Not something the Post Office does. Alot of Management does even have people skills,they want you to follow rules but they won”t.

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