USPS Wins Approval for Largest-Ever Price Increase for Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service’s regulator on Tuesday approved the largest-ever price increase for the cost of a stamp, cementing a 10 percent spike to bring the price tag for sending a letter to 55 cents.

The Postal Regulatory Commission approved the jump after determining the Postal Service’s proposal complied with requirements, such as ensuring any price surge is not more than inflation. Prices will increase across the agency’s offerings by an average of 2.5 percent, the inflationary cap.

Individual offerings, such as the stamp for regular, first-class mail, will outpace that rate. Packages sent as Priority Mail will see costs rise by 5.9 percent, while Priority Mail Express will have 3.9 percent higher rates. The new prices will go into effect Jan. 27.


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This is probably going to hurt the postal service as the increased price will probably cut down on the volume of letters and cards being mailed. Not only that but the greeting card business will suffer a loss in sales of greeting cards sold due to the high cost of mailing their cards. Wireless service will also increase causing a loss of mailing services.

Paul Toms

This is not true. This is only a 10% increase. When stamps went from 6 cents to 8 cents that was a 25% increase.

Bonnie Braswell

So will I have to add stamps to my forever stamps i have now?

Clayton Norris

Got to keep subsidizing Amazon!!


With every increase in postage I mail letters less and less. When are these price increases going to end? I see the end to Christmas cards being mailed, along with lots of other mail. How is this helping the postal service when people stop mailing letters and buying postage! Maybe they need to look into why the postal service is so bloated with operating cost and wages. It does not make sense to decrease volume and increase shipping costs.

Kile Madsen

Hike stamps all you want. It will only encourage me to buy things online instead of through mail-in, pay and receive all my bills online, and keep in touch with my family and friends online and not through mail. Good luck with that price increase.


Are U kidding….rediculious!

Lisa L

Increase away! I’ll continue to be paperless, thus saving more than a stamp! People have choices and can find ways such as electronic gift card vs mailing one. Use UPS for packages and simple allow more time ( usually do not need it.). The only mail I actually have sent to me, is junk so there you go! With Social Media who sends letters of cards these days? They are going to be pricing themselves right out of business.

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