USPS statement on 2018 federal budget

2018 federal budget. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a proposed 2018 budget for the federal government May 23.

Here’s an update from the Postal Service:

We are still analyzing the proposed budget to determine what impact it might have on the Postal Service and our employees in the event it becomes law. In that regard, it is important to note that the release of the president’s proposed budget is just the first step in the annual budgetary process. Ultimately, the budget must be passed by Congress, and at this point, there is much work to be done before this budget proposal becomes law. That said, we do appreciate that the president’s proposed 2018 budget recognizes the need to enact postal legislative and regulatory reform. Both are essential to enabling the Postal Service to meet its obligations in a financially sustainable manner. The Postal Service looks forward to continuing to work with the administration and with Congress to enact postal reform legislation.

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thieves. USPS unions are run by the mafia. Lazy postal employees get the benefits most people couldn’t dream about, and the Union still harasses Congress for $$$Billions more every single year, while screwing over taxpayers. Postal facilities have the worst customer service, the absolute worse, and USPS union bosses won’t do a damn thing unless Congress gives them $$$Billions more. Parasite USPS. privatize everything and fix the entire system