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  1. Robert Brunette | May 29, 2019 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    The Postal Service compromised their delivery standards last year when the first class committment went from 1-2 days to 4-5 says. And they didn’t even reduce the price to customers.

  2. Save money? When they have supervisors that have less than a week in the service and are promoted to “204B status” and not even career and have no idea how the mail flows or even works, that is an issue. Especially, when they do get promoted to full supervision and still have no idea how it works because all they know and rely upon is what their bosses tell them to do. When they become the boss, then all they do is look at moving up the ladder without any regard as to how to actually perform the job they are in. If the Postal Service is actually serious about saving money, start in-house and require anyone that wants to be in supervision MUST have worked the mail for at least a year or more, and know the different operations on the workroom floor.

    Furthermore, when management goes to Norman to learn managerial skills, have them actually learn the skills from a certified and external business management executive and not another promoted Postal employee who decided to become a teacher. Maybe would be a better use of their time and resources instead of playing with blocks in the class (I guess the blocks are suppose to represent a building foundation).

  3. Ilene Ulrich | May 30, 2019 at 6:30 am | Reply

    The real cuts should come at the district office level. We get blasted with so many ridiculous and irrelevant emails daily. Huge waste of time for us and them, because nothing gets communicated to us in a timely manner. Hire a true computer programming company to create one program that spits out a report card for each post office daily and you don’t need so many people at the district office doing this. Squeeze that level for a while. USPS has squeezed the crafts in the trenches long enough.

    • OldSchoolRural | May 31, 2019 at 9:19 am | Reply

      I love your comment….it is so true! However, if they did what you suggest, they would lose all those six figure a year jobs. All those district people that sit around all day on teleconferences and typing those “ridiculous and irrelevant emails” would no longer be able to justify their existence. Headquarters would eliminate their jobs and then turn around and create a new position for that same person with a higher salary and better perks. It’s horribly wrong!

  4. teresa clark | May 30, 2019 at 7:23 am | Reply

    Maybe we need to go back to the manuals and work the mail the way its supposed to be the FIRST TIME. working the mail 2-10 times doesn’t pay. Having mailing come through that are not properly prepared ( ie backward sequenced) or having the plants throw sequenced mailings on the flat sorters then carriers have to case everything. What about all the extra services that we provide for FREE??? Forwards, holds, returns, and most of these are abused over and over. Hey maybe we should actually cancel postage on letters, flats and pkgs so everyone doesn’t reuse them over and over. I could go on and on. BUT why nobody is listening! Oh and labor why pay regular carriers overtime when you have subs sitting at home????

  5. 4 replies so far that speak the TRUTH !!
    But you will never be asked on how to fix the problems as ‘they’ know better…

    • Boy is that the truth!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if they asked some of us “grunts” that work our butts off how to fix things they would actually make some financial progress. Our office has an OIC and a clerk (or whatever she is) Comes in at 8:30 fills a few stamp orders, processes the parcels us carriers brought in the day before and then sits and watches videos on her phone till she gets a customer which averages about 1 every half hour. And she gets paid more than I do and I work 10 times as hard as she does. But then a lot of that has to do with her union that will fight for her and our totally SUCKY union (NRLCA) that does NOTHING for us except compromise with the Postal Service and vote more money for themselves to cover their personal costs at convention.

  6. Mary Thompson | June 4, 2019 at 8:28 am | Reply

    Another cut would be postmaster in these small offices and put in a clerk who knows more!!!!! Like or office! PM shoes up at 10am leaves by 2,, makes one clerk break doesn’t mail, anwser phone, wait on customers and them wonders why still work when she decides to show up….. Oh wait she will be promoted,,,,

  7. ” Rising employee salaries???????????? Are you freaking kidding??? I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen COLA or a raise on my check. I’m sure the salaries have risen for the big shots who sit on their asses making stupid financial decisions and handing us more work all the time. Oh boy, does this crap just set my teeth on edge. I could go on and on but it just doesn’t matter anymore and it’s not worth the wasted breath. It is no longer a fun job or a job to be proud of.

  8. amazing…amazon…wtf ?? work the WHOLE rt…5-6 hrs del time plus casing/pulling/get over 100 parcels in some kind order…then RETURN to 30-50 to?? parcels that MUST be delivered. Its 400ish pm and I now have to sort parcels and walk to 10 doors and put 32 parcels in mailboxes….for.. 2 min a mile . The 14 miles just took me 1 hour…so I am now getting paid 28 min of OT…even though it took 60 min. And UNLIKE many..I am NOT driving around crazy. and the BEST part?? the PVI say they are due..THE NEXT DAY !! We have 11 rts and ea one of us did this today. Multiply this across the country. How is this making sense..cent$ ??

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