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Might think about getting into the parcel business. That internet thing might take off.

Mike Hunt

Package business fell by 5 percent or 86 million pieces from last year… that is devastating news. Loss of package business market share will be the death knell for the postal service as we know it.


People did holiday shopping on Amazon. Ordered and shipped directly to recipient bypassing trip to Post Office. Post Office subsidizes Amazon on each parcel shipped. USPS continues to hemorrhage money.

Frank Kopyta

Is the USPS still paying into the 70 year in the future retirement fund? Like that money is really sitting in an account accruing interest somewhere. Most of the citizens of the US do not even know about that. Many probably don’t care, but that is another issue. Along with that retirement fund is the one penny a stamp that goes straight to congress. This started back in 2007 or 2008. It’s not tax money so congress does not report what it does with that money. Hmmm.