USPS report contradicts Trump’s claims about Amazon

May 14, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service says that its large financial losses are caused by market forces and governmental constraints but not Amazon, in a release of its quarterly statistics that stood in contrast to pointed statements made by President Donald Trump.

Trump made waves in March when he declared that the Postal Service was losing money on every package it delivered for Amazon before ordering a review of the service’s finances.

But the Postal Service’s second quarter results, which were released Friday, note that increases in shipping and package volume remained areas of strong revenue growth amid other decline and economic pressures which added up to a $1.3 billion net loss in the quarter.

Though mail was down by 700 million pieces, or 2.1 percent, package volume grew by some 70 million pieces, about 5 percent, the report said.


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Quit giving postmaster a bonus and quit working carriers for free taking out your crapy amazon parcels – maybe the postal service will start making money

teresa clark

maybe if we didn’t work the same mail 2-6 times each or more. Maybe if the dps machines were cleaned more than once a month. maybe if you didn’t bust up delivery sequenced mailings and put them in helicopter flats to make plant numbers. Maybe if ALL bar-coded mail was put in dps might save hours and some money. Just off the top of my head. Could list a hundred other things that should be done that aren’t.

Clayton Norris

How about opening the Amazon Contract to The President and the public ??


Good idea – maybe the president needs to put a stop to the amazon B/S
Heard a rumor from a retired postmaster last week (ONLY RUMOR) that amazon wants to takeover the postal service too – calling it
“Amazon – Postal Service” Just think, if true, lower wages so the scum bag CEO of amazon can line his pockets with more money
Pretty soon you want be able to buy anything with out going through

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