USPS reminds employees of sick leave reporting procedures

The Postal Service is reminding employees how to report their absences when they take unscheduled leave.

You must call the Interactive Voice Response system at 877-477-3273 to report any unscheduled leave as soon as possible. To request unscheduled leave, select option 4 when prompted.

Here are some additional tips to remember:

• Have your employee identification number ready. You’ll be asked to enter the number to report your absence via phone.

• You can key in your responses. You’ll also be asked to specify the type of illness and the amount of time you expect to take. For example, if you have strep throat and expect to be out for two days, you should specify “illness or injury” and “16 hours.” Other options include “personal emergency,” “community disaster” and “wounded warrior.”

If your illness restricts your ability to talk, you can use your phone’s numerical key pad. Also, if you are reporting your illness the morning before your shift and expect to miss one day, you should report “today” as both the start and end date.

• You will receive confirmation. When your call is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation number. You should record this number as your receipt.

Employees are also being reminded to take precautions to avoid contracting or spread the flu during this year’s influenza outbreak.

The Leave LiteBlue page has additional information on sick leave. Employees with questions can also email Timothy Day, a Human Resources program and policy analyst.

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John Moore

Voice prompt hell.

Susan Harris Hensley

How about you call your supervisor. 20 years and I’ve never called that number. Hell, it used to be you could car your sub directly and tell them to work for you. The 800 number is more garbage costs that needs to be cut out.

No one in our office uses this. Too small and takes too long to get a sub to fill in.

We’re a big office. No one uses this number.

I prefer calling this number than dealing with someone in the office. I call the night before or very early before my scheduled time. Gives them plenty of time to fill the route. Every one in our office uses this number.

Damn thing doesn’t recognize my words and I have to go through the process until it finally understands what I want

I didn’t have a sub a few years ago, thought calling the number was the right thing to do and supervisor had a talk with me about calling in 2 times in 5 months. Said if I called in 3 times in 6 months that I would be wrote up.

Brittany Gandy here’s the number!