USPS redesigns leave sections of paystub

February 16, 2017

We revised PS Form 1223-B, Earnings Statement (known as PayStub), to provide additional information on the leave data. We intend for the changes to:

  • Improve communication about earned annual leave (AL) balance.
  • Better align the information on the paystub or paycheck with the leave information that is already available to employees using ePayroll.
  • Enable employees to better plan for the use of leave or to calculate Terminal Leave (the payment to employee for earned AL when separating or retiring).

At the beginning of every leave year (LY), full- and part-time regular employees are advanced their annual leave hours for the entire year. These hours become earned as employees continue to work through the end of the leave year.

The leave year starts at the first full pay period (PP) of the year. This means that the first and last work day of the pay period is in the new calendar year.  For 2017, this is pay period 2.

Leave data on the pay stub represents hours, unless you are a rural carrier. Annual leave and sick leave are expressed as days for rural employees.

Here is a comparison of old and revised Leave sections of PS Form 1223-B, Earnings Statement, as of pay period 5-2017.

The “Old” and “Revised” tables in this article show the paystub of an employee who has annual leave, category 8. Eight hours are earned for each working pay period:

The individual field names are prefixed with +, -, and = symbols to better explain how the annual leave balances are calculated.
Other leave balances (e.g. advanced sick leave, donated leave, and military leave) continue to be displayed as a single line message at the bottom right of the earnings statement (e.g. DONATED LV BAL = 16.00 hours).

If you have any questions or problems with how you have been paid or with the information that is on your earnings statement, talk to your immediate supervisor or manager. If you need further assistance, call the Accounting Help Desk at 866-974-2733 (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, CST) or send an email to

You are encouraged to view your online earnings statements. Use your USPS® Employee Identification Number and Password to log into the ePayroll App via LiteBlue (

The ePayroll option provides many advantages over the hard copy earnings statement:

  • Your online statements will be available as soon as your pay record has been processed; you don’t have to wait for the hard copy to arrive by mail.
  • Your online statements are available for the past 40 pay periods.
  • n Your online statements provide much greater detail about withholdings, benefit deductions, leave balances, and adjustments. This is an improvement from what was provided on the limited space of the traditional hard copy earnings statement.
  • ePayroll provides a guide to understanding your earnings statement as well as answers to frequently asked questions.


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18 Comments on "USPS redesigns leave sections of paystub"

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Christopher Paradise

How much did someone get paid to tinker with the check stubs? Waste of time and money in my opinion.

Carol Lynn Schofield

Excellent. Now break down deduction codes

Kelly K. Robinson

They need to re-do the entire stub and make it readable. I’ve been with the P.O. 10+ years and still can’t read mine!

Tracy Krajenke Brantley

How about redesigning the other half that is actually hard to figure out!!!

Kimberlie Anne Bruner Devalle

So now we use division to figure out exactly how many days we actually have? Are they taking common core classes or what?

Lisa Ann Cogan

If you look at their example of “old” paystub, it’s not the one we get. Ours are in ‘days’ instead of hours. I’m thinking this won’t be for us… we’ll see.

Lee Neilsen Shelly

It does say “unless you are a rural carrier”… pointless for us I suppose. LOL

Paula Johnson

SO, Are we allowed to just use an hour of leave instead of a having to take a whole day?

Tracy Evans


From the article..

Sandra Crawford

I was with them 25 years and they never made sense.

Julie Ridgley

Ive been there since 1994 (23 years) and still can’t read the stub.


Well, that’s maddenly unhelpful.

Susie Schulz

Another example of paying some yutz lots of $$ to fix things that ain’t broke.

Nancy Schwarz

They did the same at my work Susie. It’s almost impossible to figure out your vacation time and you don’t actually “earn” it all for the year until Dec. 31. I have vacation in the bank, yet when I took some time off in Jan. it shows it as borrowed from future “unearned” vacation. The real reason they do this is to prevent folks who are retiring from working until Jan.1 and getting their next years vacation. But this can only happen once in a persons career.

Susie Schulz

It’s the same at the PO. So I’ll just retire on New Years Eve!! F ’em

Susie Schulz

In a few years 😛

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