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HahahahahahahaAaaAAA. Can’t even get new vehicles

Big and mamma

Oh really what ridiculous stupid idea will they think of next hope it has an air condition next it to keep it cool wouldn’t want to short out from over heating since there investing so much money into something so stupid boy someone needs to wake up to reality and invest in something smarter don’t they have enough robot machines that sort our mail in there business and it can’t even get the mail to the right route or the right zip code and it’s in an air condition building if they think of one more idea I think I’m… Read more »


No wonder the postal service is going broke. What a STUPID idea and if course they will lose millions before they realize how dumb it is

Steven Epstein

What a BRILLIANT IDEA!!! I bet that supervisor received a 5 million dollar bonus ,new name, and relocation of entire family.


It’s about time usps caught up with technology

Postal Sarge

The more automation the USPS uses, the more manual sortation mail they create. They will micro manage the labor associated with the machine, never properly service it or perform necessary daily maintenance and screw it up like they already do with DPS, ASFM and FSS.

Mark Howard

Here’s an idea give the carriers more time to do the job without you breathing down their neck.Give them 8 hour routes not your 9 hour routes you want done in 8!

Anne karam

Totally ridiculous! There is no room in the llvs for a robot! They are stacked to the ceiling with packages! And one jolt from a pothole on back roads and the thing would fly into a million pieces!