USPS prepares for record breaking Cyber Monday

November 25, 2016

American’s are expected to make Cyber Monday 2016 the biggest ever, and the U.S. Postal Service is preparing to deliver those online purchases.

The Postal Service will handle about 750 million packages this holiday season, an increase of more than 12 percent over last year. This is double the volume of packages handled just four years ago.

According to market researcher Adobe Digital Insights, Cyber Monday sales will exceed $3 billion, an increase of 9.4 percent over last year.


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112 Comments on "USPS prepares for record breaking Cyber Monday"

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Donna Moody Davis

Just go ahead and shoot me now

Rob Benvenuto

John Kostenko “Prepares”???? Does’t seem like it….

John Kostenko

Ya prepared my a*s hole

Debbie Ziegler

Prepared? We have 1 sub for 17 routes, and she’s holding down an aux route….smh


120 day letters need to be filed by all carriers. Now.

Margaret Smith

Lord….have….mercy…. ?

LeAnna Simmons


Roxy Murphy

We got over 25 pallets on 2 trucks from Amazon. I think it came early…

Brent Tierney

Holy c**p

Carrie Padgett

considering how every single day of the year feels like Christmas already with the rise of the Amazon empire….I just can’t imagine…

JR N Dana Wimberly

Good lord Jesus were going to need a trailer!!! I already had to have to make two trips to the post office already and its not even begun! And I was told I could only come back to the post office to get the second load if I was a half of a mile from the post office…is that true?? I mean if they dont fit they don’t fit…

RustyFrancie Brewer

I had to go back to the post office to refill my car today…and just barely made dispatch?

JR N Dana Wimberly

We had three days worth of FedEx Wednesday that’s when I had to make two trips almost had to today. Its terrible… I can’t even enjoy Christmas like I used to…and working on Christmas eve til dark isn’t going to be fun…

Brent Tierney

Not true. Make as many trips as needed. It all has to go. Keep track of your miles and loading time for any additional trips.

JR N Dana Wimberly

I don’t think she’ll pay us to come back


She Has to. File a grievance if not.

Ginny Bruce

Just mention safety hazards.. If you can’t see out the windows then…..???

Chris Murphy

Till Dark? We’ll be out past dark till January!

JR N Dana Wimberly

I know a lot of u will!! Bless y’all!!! I work in a small town lol

Crystal J Saul

I would like to know how they are preparing?!

Charles Bliss

exactly what I was thinking. their preparation is to push us harder..

Michael Volz

Ask your Great Union….

Kim Jordan-Bragg


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