USPS is piloting a revised 3849 form to streamline the process for leaving a delivery notice for customers

April 3, 2017

The PS Form 3849, We ReDeliver for You! has been updated in a simpler format with additional instructions for letter carriers, clerks and customers.

The Postal Service is piloting a revised form to streamline the process for leaving a delivery notice for customers.

Customers are encouraged to sign up for My USPS at to better manage their deliveries and redeliveries.



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92 Comments on "USPS is piloting a revised 3849 form to streamline the process for leaving a delivery notice for customers"

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Dawn Harris

Just what we need….smh

Debbie Dix Minton

Since our office is a pilot office, we will probably get them soon. ?

Dawn Harris

Oil just think they should stop wasting money on this c**p…

RickandKathy Bless

Then we won’t have any of those either !

Danette Faul

Should be able to print out from scanner….js

Sean Robinson

I’ve been saying this since we got the new scanners.

Shani Kin

How about your friggin mailbox is blocked and I’m not getting out


Don’t be lazy


not lazy if box is locked and packed would fit if it wasn’t you leave notice and they can come pick it up per the DMM

Mike Dixon

How about an option for the customer to allow the carrier sign as an agent in the event they are not there…Oh that’s right they don’t trust us…

Paula Waddington

They let us do that in our office. I refused, I didn’t want to be the one held responsible if someone stole someone’s drugs out of the mailbox.

Jesse Koleszar

UPS and FedEx have release forms. No reason the same shouldn’t apply for us

Gwendolyn Miranda

I have one customer with a laminated, signed slip in their box!

Linda Parsons Root

I don’t want to be a signed agent. I want the customer to sign for the property that way if something is wrong they can have the clerks and managers fix it.

Vickie Collins Anderson

That option for the customer currently exists on the back side of the 3849. Glad my customers don’t read that portion.


sorry I don’t do that service to easy for customer to say they didn’t get it and then you are hung for it

Rich the mailman

If they sign the back of the 3849 for redelivery, they are authorizing you to leave the package and sign the return receipt if their is one.

Steve M

why would I want to sign for someone else’s package?

Lisa Heydinger

How about little peel off stickers like Canada and Great Britain have so you don’t have to rewrite the tracking number?

Stacey May Livesay

I’ve been saying that for years!

April Vinyard

It looks like the same amount of information for us to fill out….was kind of hoping it would make things easier.

Tracy Sheffield Carter

Easier? Fat chance!

Sandy Morris

More work! But hurry up, but me safe! This on top of scanning pieces of mail. I’m usually already passed when that annoying guy comes on!

Gwendolyn Miranda

Scanned mail in a blizzard, most scans requested EVER!! Yuuup, thats safe!!

April Vinyard

Should have known they would just complicate things more

Tracy Sheffield Carter

If it ain’t broke…

Ve Kish

……Try again until it is

Craig Fisher

I’m sure it will take even longer and they say it’s faster just to screw us in the count. Carry on.

Tina Tucker-Phelps

Why don’t they consult the real workers and get an opinion?

Sam Williams

Bc that would make too much sense

Jana Sue

That would make toooooo much sense!!

Rich the mailman

Because they ask the CCA’s who have no experience and then they make them 204b’s.

Samantha Brown

Kaley Helms

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