USPS parcel growth slows as Amazon self-delivers more

The report of the President’s Task Force on the Postal Service is overdue.  It was supposed to come out on August 10th, but for some reason the administration has delayed making it public, and there’s no word yet on when it will be released.

In the meantime, Amazon and other stakeholders in the Package Coalition aren’t waiting around to see what the Task Force has to say. They have already begun lobbying Congress to prevent a rate hike on parcels and to counter any move toward privatizing the nation’s postal system.

The Postal Service raises prices on shipping services every year.  Over the past ten years, rates on Priority Mail — which includes the popular Flat Rate Boxes — have gone up an average of 4.2 percent annually (as seen in this table shared with the PRC).  For Parcel Select — the low-cost, workshared Ground product that’s used for last-mile delivery by Amazon, FedEx (SmartPost), and UPS (SurePost) — rates have gone up an average of 6 percent a year.


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GO BYE AMAZON – not quick enough


Our ‘association’ fought for the scanner survey time standard which amounts to seconds, but were silent on the Amazon parcels…go figure…follow the money…


We dont really care how much USPS charges Amazon. Stop the exploitation of the Rural Carrier that delivers in high density areas. Some of us in a given day have more parcels than UPS plus we have the mail and we have to carry UPS last mile. Flyer day we must deliver mail first then begin with parcel delivery because there’s no room in that crappy truck to do both. No wonder nobody wants this job. Pay us more than 30 seconds per parcel to begin with. We work for an employer that has betrayed us to the bone. Yes… Read more »

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