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teresa clark

the only company in the world that thinks hiring more people that do not touch the mail and getting rid of people who do the work will improve productivity. Oh yeah according to the white paper we are losing more money every year. HMMMMMMMMM?


This is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever seen. In the po, the more you don’t know or the more you screw up, thr higher you go in the ranks.

Grant Graeves

Most of the supervisors I have dealt with can’t do the job they are supposedly supervising.


I have seen supervisors treated wayyyy worse by the pm than floor workers. They are salary, they eat on the floor, told not to hit the clock, run the open routes, and take a beating. I would never move up to supervisor. If you don’t have a clear end game, you’re just ensuring you don’t get colas, support, and get missed in the middle.