USPS OIG: What improvements for Sunday delivery would you like to see in your district?

May 21, 2018

Our blog (USPS OIG) from nearly five years ago about the U.S. Postal Service moving into Sunday package delivery remains among our most viewed and popular blogs. It seems Sunday delivery’s time had come and the continued growth in USPS Sunday delivery hubs certainly supports that assessment.

Postal Service Sunday operations are performed at designated hubs, which are delivery units set up to accept, sort, and deliver parcels on Sunday destined for addresses served by those hubs. From 459 hubs in March 2014, the Postal Service has expanded to more than 2,300 Sunday hubs at the end of fiscal year 2017.

The Postal Service planned to minimize operational costs for Sunday operations through the extensive use, when possible, of non-career employees, including city carrier assistants (CCAs). In the San Francisco District, however, USPS has had difficulties hiring and retaining enough CCAs, which has resulted in inefficient Sunday delivery operations in that district, our recent audit report found.

Adding to the inefficiencies, internal hub operations related to distribution and delivery processes deviated from the Dynamic Routing Tool (DRT) process, a tool that provides hub personnel with data about estimated street routes and times, and estimated number of parcels and stops for each route, as well as turn-by-turn directions for each DRT route.

Our report concluded that improvements in staffing and adherence to the Sunday Dynamic Routing Tool process could help the district realize significant annual savings.

If you are a postal employee, what improvements for Sunday delivery would you like to see in your district? If you are an online shopper, how important is Sunday delivery to you?


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First off, get the directions right! Second get the shipments to the hubs earlier, we cant hit the street until almost noon. Third it helps if the clerks mark the pkgs right. It would also save alot of time if businesses would unclick sunday delivery when they know they are gonna be closed!!!!!!!!!!!


Want to solve the staffing problem? Pay time and a half for Sunday and holidays delivery.


Make it mandatory that all houses , trailers & mailboxes are CLEARLY marked with their addresses so we can see & deliver accurately!!! The regulars know where to go but, the RCAs & ACRs don’t !!!


I am a regular and if my trailer parks don’t mark the trailers, I do not deliver. I am not a mind reader and I will not use my phones gps.


Yes, please! If customers are going to order and want Sunday delivery, we need an address you can see from the road.


How about NO SUNDAY DELIVERY at all. This is tearing families apart, 7 days of delivery/week no family can survive when there is no family time. It’s mentally & emotionally killing the employees having to work 7 days a week.


I agree! It is time to stop the abuse the postal service does to its employees. When I tell people how we are treated on a daily basis and the inhuman working environment that we endure inside the office and on the street people think what I am telling them would happen in a third world country and are dumbfounded by it. The good are made to suffer for their salvation ☦️ Peace be on to all ☦️

California Dreaming

Very well said Pete. The inhumane treatment and working environment is actually worse than some third world countries. I don’t understand why the postal service system in the U.S. is so bad. We criticize other countries for their sweat-shop practices as a violation of basic human rights. What about the USPS mail carriers?? The mandate that came down from the Postmaster General last holiday season that no mail carriers can be out on the streets pass 7:00 PM, yet the load is getting heavier and heavier. Mail carriers cannot abracadabra the mail to fly from the delivery vehicle to the… Read more »


Earlier start times and real rotations where we get some sundays off without having to work 6 days through the week or call in.


Definitely get the directions right you can’t route carriers through Forest, cemeteries and lakes. To save time, gas and money group the packages closer together. Don’t route me with 78 packages on the south side of my city and two packages 28 Miles and 3 towns north right in the middle of the route especially when someone else is already in that City delivering packages. On that note don’t route two packages going to the same house on two different routes it looks stupid to have two carriers passing on the same street and they eventually go to the same… Read more »


If it says Sunday delivery. F ing deliver it. B/c = F u regular


Have management deliver ALL Sunday pkgs. That’ll snuff the problem in a hurry!

Lori Cook

Stop Sunday delivery. It’s ruining family time.


I agree with most already commented! (Directions, start time, packages labeled correctly, etc) I work out of a hub and they combine CITIES! I know nothing about the surrounding cities! So I may or may not be delivering in a known location. And jump from one zip code 20 min away to another zip code back to the 1st zip! I can see if fairly close… but 20+ min away? If I’m from X zipcode…. I would like to deliver in MY zipcode. (RCA) I know I have more to say/suggest but won’t come to mind until this Sunday again!

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