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Ummmmm. No mention of management costs? Really?

Elaine Stalzer

Rural carriers are delivering a lot of heavy packages for Amazon and driving down long driveways. Thirty seconds per parcel is not fair compensation for the work they do. While you report that the mail volume is down, rural carriers are saying that their work load is much, much heavier than it was five years ago. They are doing far more work for basically the same pay they used to get before the time that the postal service got overburdened by Amazon.


Cut out excess of higher ups with useless jobs. Utilize rca’s more hire some d#### rca’s. Make Post Master’s do their job. Instead of reading books and playing games on phone. There you go. Money saved!


Bonus Really Rocket Science Here


We have an EAS in our district going through lobby trash cans to make sure surveys are being circled

Mark A Hutchinson

Understaffing is driver of increased overtime. Pesonally during the last Christmas period, i was paid over 40 hours of overtime due to lack of package help. Hire people! Then give them proper training!


How is this accurate in any way when management falsifies time records?

Clayton Norris

Imagine what Rural Carrier costs would be if they were paid to deliver Amazon!


I’m glad that Postal management don’t know what they’re doing. I’m going to make over $120,000 cause they read books and play games on the computer. I LOVE IT!!!

teresa clark

You let ups and fedex ship all their excess pkgs to us to deliver. that way they don’t pay overtime to their employees, just give us our 50 cents per pkg. and we pay all the overtime to deliver them. Your plants are processing flats and special mailings that have already been processed. So paying extra to mess them all up on helicopter machines and then all carriers have to take extra time to case them all up in order. Would you like about 50 more money and time wasters? You don’t need more studies talk to your employees and… Read more »