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Jennifer Hammond

More hours!!!! We can’t afford our bills on one day a week AND be mandated to be on call every other day of the week!!!

K. Martin

Here are a couple of suggestions,
Don’t treat the RCA’s like they are useless and have no lives.
Give paid time off, and not be harassed for asking for it.
Better benefits.


We should all be career employees. We should all earn sick leave, vacation days and especially retirement!!!


Oh where to start. Let them contribute to a 401K. If we could have kept a lot of the older RCAs we would have people who actually care about doing the job with pride.

Melissa Millsap

I believe new hires should receive more on the job training. There’s a lot to learn when you are hired on.
I was only allowed 3 days of training and then thrown in the office by myself. It was kind of like, “Here you go. Sink or swim”
I almost sank.


I think if RCA’s were given some paid time off and not kept as a non-career employee over a year of service folks may hang around.


Aux employees shouldn’t have to run Amazon on Sundays and Holidays. It takes their 1 day off away.

David Reitmeyer

One of the main issues is pay. Why is there n step increase in place for non career employees? It is sad that someone who is hired today will make the same amount as me. I know 18 routes and a brand new RCA is making the same amount per hour as I am. Benefits are also an issue. Why are benefits such as vacation not earned by a non career employee who works as much as a regular? RCA are also treated poorly by management and made to take on the same responsibilities as a regular and receive no… Read more »


How about better leadership and treat employees with more respect.

Billie Tinker

In my opinion RCA’s have the worst position in the PO. I recently received a 31 hour aux rt. I have been on the job for 13 years. This is the first sign of moving up I have received. The man who had the route before me was an RCA for 30 plus years and never made regular he just quit working. The new people see this, I have been asked “You have been here how long and you are still and RCA?” I love my job but this is so wrong.