USPS Officials Order Historic Murals Covered in 12 States; Considering Removal

Internal emails obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveal that an “artwork workgroup” of high-level United States Postal Service (USPS) officials, including attorneys and USPS’s Federal Preservation Officer, has directed facilities and maintenance personnel to cover up 80-year-old murals housed at 16 post offices spanning 12 states. USPS is considering the murals’ outright removal, and it is unclear whether this initiative will expand to include historic artwork at additional locations.

Recent photographs from four locations show tarp-like plastic sheets, resembling heavy-duty garbage bags, covering the entirety of their respective murals and rendering them unviewable. The coordinated effort is without modern precedent, and the Postal Service has repeatedly declined to explain its actions in response to inquiries from local news reporters and even members of Congress.

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