USPS Offers Early Retirement to 26,000 Employees

January 8, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service is looking to shed thousands of employees in early 2018, offering early retirement incentives to 26,000 mail handlers and clerks.

All employees who accept the offer must separate from the agency by the end of March. Eligible workers can also choose to retire by the end of January or February. Employees began receiving the offers Monday, and USPS will continue to send them out throughout the week.

Employees must have 20 years of experience and be at least 50 years old, or have 25 years of service and be any age, to qualify under the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority. The Postal Service has received permission from the Office of Personnel Management to offer the incentives. USPS said it has no plans to offer buyouts in conjunction with the VERA incentives.


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Teresa Burkett Huckaby

Sherry Mccoy
We have to let Joe know about this it’s going to make him so mad

Ginneva Melendez Ferrer

Sheyla Alers Rivera miraaaaa

Marty Shelton

Offer it to rural carriers

Sally Rose Allen

Not likely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

Sam Davis

We are the only ones that make them money by hustling

Angela Edwards

Holy shit, is this true!!!
Dori, Shelly, Doris, Linda, Kathy

Shelly Whitfield

I believe it was offered to clerks only the post office thinks we don’t need clerks

Kathy Conner Ginther

Think it’s for mail handlers too. I read about this a couple days ago

Heart of Texas

NO incentives. If you’re eligible to retire you can retire. BFD.

Chris Schakel

Why use clerks when the post office can use carriers to sort/ throw mail…

Shawn Defibaugh

I hope none of the clerks in my office take it. We’re already short handed.

Lori Andrews Fink

I wish.

Dina Delavega

Can they offer to rural carriers for once ????

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