USPS “no backing” policy impacting rural Glasgow residents

In June, the USPS reinforced a ‘no backing policy’ that their drivers would not drop off packages to people’s homes they could not properly turn around at.

Instead, they now receive notes on their doors telling them to pick up their packages at the local post office.

One Barren County resident said she is more frustrated about not being notified about the change prior.

“My concern is more for everybody else because I can try to make accommodations to get my packages but there’s a lot of people out there who can’t,” said Beverly Braun, Barren County resident.

After reaching out to the post office about the policy, they said the following:

“The Postal Service takes great pride in delivering the mail to every customer in a safe manner. Our carriers will not enter a customer’s property where no safe turnaround is available to avoid an unnecessary backing situation. If a customer has a concern with any delivery issue, they should contact their local post office to work toward a mutually agreeable solution.”

Braun said she has tried to reach out to the local post master but has not been successful in finding a solution. She has also reached out to Congressman Guthrie’s Office regarding hers and others concern.

“When I get home and have a little note in my mailbox that I have to go pick up a package it’s kind of discouraging especially if you pay extra for speedy shipping and then you find out you can’t get your package until Friday or Saturday,” said Braun.


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Pam cooper

If you can’t carry a package up to the door, how do you put a notice on their door?


Yeah that’s what I want to know.


The notice is left in the mailbox


The no backing policy everywhere is not good customer service!

Cheryl Kelsey

You’re right, it is not good customer service. But it is when we accidentally back over your precious little chi-poo, or other designer dog, or child, that darted out of your front door when you FINALLY realized we had a package, and not a certified, that you needed to sign for.

S Wilds

From a 26 year retiree…I delivered a 90+ mile route for over 20 years. In that time I was involved in 3 vehicle accidents, 2 involved backing, the other I was rear-ended. A customer backed from her driveway into my vehicle while I was stopped putting mail in her box. The third I backed into a moving vehicle while trying to get out of a delivery where there was no turnaround and small children were present. Of the 3, guess which one was considered my fault? There are times when the no backing policy is definitely appropriate. Better safe than… Read more »


Not anymore. The new deliver notices have a sticky section that’s supposed to stick to the door.

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