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Ellen degeneress



How did they come up with that who the heck did they ask?

Clayton Norris


Grant C Graeves

Impossible.They must have surveyed 3 people high in management.


They really didn’t talk to me


Theres only growth and advancement for those whos superiors think worthy. They pick & choose. (Kinda like brown nose effect)

Carmen S

Now ask about their service


Probably could have been at one point. Their management couldn’t manage in the private sector. They would all have been suited a long time ago.


Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies


Ask those who have been hurt on the job and been fighting to be compensated by work comp, management lies and delay tactics to sabotage your workmans compensation. Management intentionally does not file a claim injury to OWCP for over 4 mths while you suffer in pain, and our treated like you are milking the system. Then you almost lose everything you own fighting to be paid. USPS management and OWCP are a joke, and get away with screwing your claim with nowhere to turn for help and get away with it.