USPS making key investments, PMG reports at the NRLCA Convention

The Postal Service is improving customers’ experiences by investing in employees and new technology, PMG Megan J. Brennan told a recent gathering of rural carriers.

“The future is all about the customer. We have to listen and quickly adapt to their needs,” the PMG said at the National Rural Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA) convention near Washington, DC.

USPS is continuing to strengthen its training programs and empowering employees to address customers’ needs, she reported.

“Our customers have a choice on who they do business with. When we commit to adding value, we build loyalty and trust,” the PMG said.

The Postal Service is also offering digital platforms like Informed Delivery, a feature that providesresidential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail.

Other new platforms include Informed Visibility, which offers insights into how mail moves through the postal network.

The NRLCA is one of several groups the PMG has addressed recently, along with the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association and United Postmasters and Managers of America.

In addition to discussing workforce development and innovations at each of these meetings, the PMG addressed efforts to return the Postal Service to financial stability.

During her NRLCA remarks, Brennan also noted Rural Reach, a program that encourages rural carriers to submit sales leads, has produced more than 17,000 leads so far this year.

“Thank you for everything you do for our customers,” she said.


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Michael Mohr

“We promise to give our carriers and clerks what they want and need to do their jobs. MORE UPPER MANAGEMENT! We will be highering hundreds of new supervisors and postmasters, none of which are qualified or have training in leadership skills. As well as the the fact that all highered will have never done the job or been unable to do the jobs themselves do to gross incompetence or mental inability to do those jobs which they will now supervise. It’s a very exciting program I came up with myself.” – PGM… probably.

Molly Hatchet-Kuipers

Probably nailed it

Linda Collins

They actually can spell though ! Hire…. hired… perhaps spell checker for employees ? ?

Michael Mohr

You got management material written all over you Linda.


Why not focus on USPS. NOT AMAZON. USPS offers the best products. The rural carriers are overloaded and as always BETTER MAKE THE TRUCK . BULLSHIT. USPS is so much better than that.

Becky Ryan

I just wish they’d give us the supplies we need to do our jobs. Can’t even get simple forms like 3849s….cant get tape to fix damaged parcels… Can’t get bags…gotta buy our own. … it’s like the p.m. has to pay for the stuff out of their own pocket. And customer service? HA! They don’t want that….do more in less time…pile it on til they can’t pile no more…then add just a little bit more….management harasses and bullies you…goes on and on…

Tracy Coffey

DO NOT BUY BAGS. 3849 or deliver them

Becky Ryan

We are ordered that no parcels come back…. You deliver. If that means it’s raining I need a bag. I’m not leaving them to get wet.

Eugene Mitchell

our office has janitors closet fill of supplies, I get rolls of bags monthly for package protection, I will not bring back period unless it can not be signed for if needed

Karen Luttrell York

Becky Ryan if there is no safe, dry spot to leave a package, I WILL bring it back with “raining, no cover” written on the 3849 and the package. I’ll let the PM explain to me and my shop steward why I shouldn’t do this!

Christopher Paradise

How about providing us scanners that actually work correctly and have GPS that isn’t garbage!!!

Anthony Young

I took a job with USPS, thought it was going to be a good job….How wrong was I… I left that dump after 2 months… Management is unreal

Matthew Chavez

Just bought rubber bands for the rural carriers at our office… After 2 weeks of transporting mail without them and getting tired of recasing missort mail, I caved and hit up Office Depot.

Debi Baldelli Carson

Hey Megan Brennan, Do you have drinking water in your office? We don’t!!!!!! What’s next we bring in our own toilet paper?

Matt McMahon

No bring in your own toilet

Patrick Peters

Don’t joke. Our septic system frequently backs up and we have to have port-o-potties set up outside till they fix it, which usually takes about 2 weeks.

Christina Cichomski-Salonek

At least my own toilet paper wouldn’t be the cheap ass tissue paper we’re provided!

Michelle Stevens

We actually had to resort to that in our office for about 4 months because our PM would not order it. Oh wait you actually have to be in the office to order supplies.

Sheree Leffel Knopf

We have a water fountain!! No cups and the last time the filter was checked it was covered in mold…but we have a fountain.

Robert Fulbright

We have brought in our own toilet paper before. Told my mom I felt like I was a teacher having to bring in our own supplies.

Debi Baldelli Carson


Lisa Lewis

Sadly in our district 7000 people had to be paid with money orders today and inly the Rural Craft

Kelley Roberts

Of course rural carriers, we always get the crappy end of the stick, and we do twice as much work as city. I didn’t even get my money order today…I was begging for pay and got laughed at in the face instead. This place is terrible

Dandy Don

Because the leaders are in bed with management and it’s a company union.Get leaders who will say no to management and put your interests first and things will change.

Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lewis

Sorry Kelley Roberts

Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lewis
Michelle Stevens

Um if they screwed up then it’s mandatory that they have to pay you 65% of your pay by money order. Call your district representative immediately

Lisa Lewis

Got it

Lisa Lewis


James Sebring

Old gal is losing her mind she needs to go visit some offices then report back.

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