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Packages do make me happy. Good Job Vick and if u want to donate some of those hours to me I’d be happy to take them off your hands ???? my son used up all of mine lol


Give the man a pay raise

Tj woke

Smh you giving them your all and they dont care about you smh. Wake up. You cant even take all those hours when you retire…he is losing big time smh


Do something good with your excess leave especially since you can’t use it when you retire. Look for that employee that REALLY needs assistance. Do your research and then contribute.

Marsha Hepler

That is awesome!

Don't be stupid use it !

Most Unions pay out when you get so much hours. Start using your sick leave for more time with your family & friends. What do you want on your headstone ? He never used his sick leave, not he’s resting !!

william bolognese

dude they dont give a s… about you,miss a scan and see what happens,get in a fender bender even if your parked and its you fault

Paul Lambres

This is BS. A postal worker only gets 104 hours per year towards sick leave. That means he has worked OVER 48 years for the Post Office. I think that would be a difficult task for a guy who is only 51.

T Garcia

many many of his co-workers need sick leave hours why hasn’t he donated some of them .it could be a blessing to many of them


That was how my grandfather was he was still working and saving them up but hurricane micheal came in and put him in retirement early due all the destruction on their home