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LMAO- “continued restraint of rural carrier labor costs” in other words, crap pay increases for rural carriers. Falling further behind in relation to cost of living. Reduction of employers share of health insurance. In other words, your health insurance is going to cost more out of your pocket, bye bye wage increase. Rcas are now mandated to travel up to 50 miles to cover a route. Think many might consider quitting? Last but not least, a comprehensive memo of understanding regarding the implementation of the 4 year overdue time study. In other words, the post office will implement those standards… Read more »


Thanks for removing my comments! Moderator? Why? Because it was against the ratification and pointed out the serious flaws in the contract? Or because it emphasizes how the anti worker bias shows in the above article.

Brian Beauchamp

Well, that just shifted more cost to the post office while postal union once again makes no concessions and has no concerns about the future of their jobs.

Richard Mound

Union has no back bone. I left the union years ago and glad I did. Using union dues, which I’m sure will go up again, on family expenses. 31 years with PO and every contract we give back. Stop spending money on yearly conventions, obviously a waste of time and money.


i’m a clerk, hopefully we get a better one!

pam benedict

This is what happens when not everybody votes, but they want to stand around and complain. You have to vote to make your voice heard. I voted NO

Greg Lega

Anything on the clerk crafts. Specifically turning a PSE position into a Career position if the PSE continually works more than 40 hours a week?


Is there something in this ratification that says profs can only work 48 hours in a week?