USPS Issues Hurricane Preparedness Information as Hurricane Florence Nears

The National Emergency Hotline is a toll-free number for all USPS employees to use in the event of a facility or weather related emergency. In an emergency, the hotline provides employees with information about the status of their facility and special instructions or guidance.

Get facility status, instructions or guidance
The toll-free number, found on the back of most USPS employee badges, is 1-888 EMERGNC (1-888-363-7462). After dialing the number, enter or speak the first three digits of the ZIP Code of the facility where you work. You will hear an announcement regarding facilities within that 3-digit area and any special emergency instructions or guidance.

Hearing-impaired callers who use TRS (Telecommunications Relay Services) should call the TRS toll-free number and the TRS operator will interact with the application on behalf of the caller. For a list of state TRS toll-free numbers, please visit the FCC’s TRS web page:

Report your status
The Emergency Hotline has been enhanced to allow employees to report their status during a natural disaster or weather related emergency. To report your status, after listening to the facility status outlined above, select “5” on your telephone and you will be connected to a special Postal Service call center.

Emergency Contact Safety Talk (pdf)

Hurricane Preparedness Emergency Kits (pdf)

Hurricane Preparedness (pdf)

Newsbreak – Emergency Contact Information 9-10-18 (pdf)

Newsbreak – Emergency Hotline 9-10-2018 (pdf)


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