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More lies, as usual, from postal mgmt. Lying is all they know how to do; to employees, to the public, and to Congress.
They’re NEVER prepared. Every year is a fiasco. But then, there is zero accountability in postal mgmt. for anything including financial losses.


she said WE 🤣..where is all this Xmas help you are talking about ? she has no clue ! under staffed over work carriers ..subs working 7 days a week cause there is no hired help! quitting cause they are over worked splitting routes working into the nite driving broken down vehicles harassed by clueless supervisors buried by amazon.. crap packages from ups …fedex ..going to houses where they don’t won’t to deliver too long driveways dirt roads just drop it off at post office there stupid enough to deliver them ! see days where there is just not enough… Read more »


Prepared where? We’re never prepared at the plant. Overworked understaffed & underpaid by undercompetent mgmt, who gets bonuses off the work on our backs and they don’t give us any appreciation for the hard work. They could at least buy lunch for us from their bonus check. Ppl have died on the work room floor and all they do is clock u out roll u out.


Want a real story Postal Times, with the USPS in deep financial difficulties why is it’s mgmt. getting large annual bonuses year after year ?