22 Comments on "USPS intends to deliver parcels for UPS on SUNDAYS!"

  1. Meta Bonnell | July 24, 2019 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    So USPS is adding one more day to the job they already do (delivering UPS packages)? Is USPS going to get the bigger packages from UPS also?

    • Huh? We’ve already been delivering Priority and (mostly) Amazon on Sundays. This will just add to our volume and make our Sundays even longer.

  2. Great, so they can force even more people to work on Sundays and NEVER give the RCAs a day off!

    • My husband is a letter carrier. He will gladly volunteer to come in on a Sunday! He never has to be forced in! The money he makes is well worth him giving up a Sunday!

    • Is it forced if when hired they would have to work Sunday’s. They were hired with the purpose of working Sunday’s and where ever needed. Choice was made

    • Sucka. Gotta make regular and tell them to kick rocks

  3. This initiative will showcase the Postal Service’s unique ability to destroy employee’s lives who are already working sometimes 6 days a week, who get ZERO incentive for being FORCED to work Sunday, and have to do so under incredibly understaffed circumstances.

    • I have always hated that employees were forced to work 6 days a week, your life pretty much belongs to the Postal Service once you sign that dotted line. ( Recent retiree)

    • be glad you have a great paying job, w/ Sunday premium & OT past 8 hours

  4. michael mccleery | July 25, 2019 at 7:40 am | Reply

    Am I able to bar delivery of unwelcome mail – “resident”, “local customer,” “our friend,” etc.

    • No. The sender of the mail paid for delivery and is the customer. This mail has to be delivered to the address on the mail piece.

    • No, you are not the paying customer. You can contact the paying customer and tell them to stop sending you stuff.

  5. Jacob D Kinney | July 25, 2019 at 7:59 am | Reply

    USPS already does amazon packages on sunday at a loss… now they want to add ups to that? More poor business planning

    • The business is not to make money. The business is to look busy so the service can go to congress with 500,000 employees and claims of delivering x million pieces with the too big to fail, or let go threat.

  6. teresa clark | July 25, 2019 at 8:40 am | Reply

    so amazon already getting rich off usps, Now they are just saving ups from paying their employees sunday overtime. That 50 cents isn’t going to cover the overtime your paying the rcas.

  7. Screw that usps is the only idiots delivering on sundays they used to have a day Called Amazon Sundays now that there gone they will be doing the dirty work for these other Parcel delivery guy, and all these new carriers will be on the front line good luck peeps

  8. Shows UPS cares more about their employees than USPS.

  9. Will this change now that UPS is starting up Sunday delivery??

  10. When is the USPS going to learn a lesson? Any moron can see that these businesses are using us to save money. There is no way in hell the USPS is making any money after employee wages,gas,wear and tear on vehicles. They can’t keep employees as it is and this mandatory 6 day work weeks for some is bad news

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