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Theresa Bayer

So, Amazon pays PO roughly $1.59 per scan. PO breaks postal workers down,lugging gas grills/mattresses/grain/dog food….then UPGRADES equipment to appease Amazon?? Really??? Sell us out some more PMG! Why not do away with 10 of the 14 204B’s

Meta Bonnell

So, these machines can only be used for less then 6 hours a day? What happens if they get 14,050 parcels in a day? What if there is no room in the building for any new equipment? Who gets to case their mail outside?


No carrier will leave early no matter how fast a machine runs. It will just take another PSE job away.

They will just delay everything else like DPS as long as make it out just in time to get Express mail to the customer by noon. Just like an army cuts the weight of a rifle and then says aha since the rifle weighs less hump these extra batteries