USPS Informed Delivery begins expansion

February 15, 2017

The Postal Service is expanding Informed Delivery, an optional, free feature that provides eligible residential consumers with a digital preview of their incoming mail.

Through Informed Delivery, users receive images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces that will arrive in their physical mailboxes soon. Users can receive these images via email or by accessing their online dashboard at

USPS has been testing Informed Delivery in select areas. By late April, the feature is slated to be available nationwide.

“Informed Delivery makes it easy and convenient to know what’s arriving in your mailbox each day,” said Product Innovation VP Gary Reblin. “We’re eager to share this new feature with consumers across the United States.”

The Postal Service is rolling out Informed Delivery by ZIP Code, beginning with major metropolitan areas.

Employees, who are also invited to sign up for Informed Delivery, will be notified when the feature becomes available in their area.

They can also check the feature’s availability by using the ZIP Code lookup feature at, which has sign-up instructions and a list of FAQs.

The Informed Delivery pages on Blue and LiteBlue have additional information.


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66 Comments on "USPS Informed Delivery begins expansion"

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Nikki Fleming

Terrie Shelton Shields

Becky Ryan

One more reason for customers not retrieving their mail from the mailbox on a daily basis….

Michelle Cannon

Gelaine Cannon James Simmons more craziness!!

Donna Kaple Trumble

And just how is this supposed to happen??

Raylene Miller

Why is this even an option? And why is it free?

Kim Neel Tucker

Kathy Wingfield

Kathy Wingfield


Sandra Crawford


Jesse Koleszar

There’s a great way to know what’s in your mailbox. Also free. You go to your box and get this…Open it!

Shawn Defibaugh

Uggghhhh. This isn’t going to end well.

Shawn Defibaugh

Stacey Defibaugh

Stacey Defibaugh

I don’t even understand how they will do that.

Shawn Defibaugh

Just like the photos of the packages from the PASS machine. The machines at the plant take a photo of the DPS. They won’t get pics of the misthrows, I guess.

Stacey Defibaugh

Great. This is going to give my residents one more reason NOT to check their boxes.

Stacey Defibaugh


Shawn Defibaugh


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