USPS IdeaSMART submission gets implemented

April 19, 2018

IdeaSMART works.

Just ask Larry Imai.

The Avondale, AZ, Postmaster used the idea-sharing platform recently to propose a way to reduce the amount of time letter carriers spend loading parcels into their delivery vehicles.

“With the increase in parcels, I noticed it was taking longer to sort and route them,” Imai said.

After learning about IdeaSMART, Imai decided to see what other employees thought about his idea for carriers to place parcels in their truck in route order to both save time and improve delivery accuracy.

Imai had a similar idea as city delivery executives who were already in the process of implementing the parcel sorting and loading solution with the use of Mobile Delivery Devices.

The positive feedback on IdeaSMART confirmed the need for a more efficient truck loading procedure.

“In four days, I had over 100 ‘up votes’ from people who liked it,” said Imai.

Jamie Osborne, an acting senior city delivery specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, said innovative ideas from employees “are just what the Postal Service needs to help connect us and understand how we can improve service and lower costs.”

Imai encourages other employees to use IdeaSMART.

“It was an easy process,” he said.


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Lance Hodges

Carriers have always put their packages in route order, DUH…. the problem is the amount of and the size and the weight of the parcels no longer allow it. Just another management putz thinking they are going to revolutionize the delivery game .

Todd Hoffarth

^^ no doubt. I’m still waiting for the shelves to be put in my LLV. I was told we would be getting them about 3 years ago. They would come in handy, since we are all stacking our trucks to the roof almost every day.

Roxanne Clark

It took 9 months for ours to come after our pm sent in the request.

Dawn Collumb

Took awhile but I love the shelves. Hope you get yours soon.

Lindi Edens

District denied them Todd Hoffarth. They said they were too expensive.

Noelle Martin Carmona

I love my shelves!!!

Francine Reilly

I like the shelves, it keeps the smaller parcels out of the puddles in the back of the LLV

Leland Grant

they need to stop hiring /.promoting and allowing persons who never carried to perform these methods and actions the problems is simple THERE ARE TOO MANY BIG,HEAVY GODDAMNED PARCELS

Roxanne Clark

How is this a new idea? We’ve always done that…except during mailcount when we aren’t allowed to. Which is idiotic.

Shasta McDaniel Higgins

William Donovan Miller


Since when is that a “new” idea?

Robert Kent Jones

How can they say this takes less time? When you have a scanner in one hand it is nearly impossible to sort hundreds of parcels with the other. IDIOTS!


we have the shelves they are useless too many big parcels now and the loading tool just takes more time to load the packages not less it is such a waste of time scanning the packages while loading them… the numb nuts that thought of it should be fired ..

Bill Freeman

It’s a crock .


Who in their right mind likes this idea
On the job almost 18 yrs. I don’t need numbers in my trucks. I need a bigger truck or shelves. Or a route that wasn’t considered 7 hrs and 10 min before amazon,now almost 8. Management should try taking that into consideration insteax of coming
Up w these stupid ideas! Ridiculous!
Unless the scanner is going to speak to me and tell me I have a package at that location, sorry don’t like it. Just a waste off extra scanning!

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