USPS Holiday shipping deadlines released

USPS is offering suggested mail-by dates for the holiday mailing and shipping season.

Customers who want their domestic holiday mail and packages to arrive by Dec. 25 should follow these recommended deadlines:

  • Dec. 14: USPS Retail Ground
  • Dec. 14: First-class packages (up to 15.99 ounces)
  • Dec. 20: First-Class Mail (including greeting cards)
  • Dec. 20: Hawaii to mainland Priority Mail and First-Class Mail
  • Dec. 20: Priority Mail
  • Dec. 20: Alaska to mainland Priority Mail and First-Class Mail
  • Dec. 22: Alaska to mainland Priority Mail Express
  • Dec. 22: Hawaii to mainland Priority Mail Express
  • Dec. 22: Priority Mail Express

The Postal Service is also reminding customers they can use to order free Priority Mail boxes, print shipping labels, purchase postage and request free next-day Package Pickup from a mail carrier.

Additionally, customers can use Informed Delivery to see their incoming mail and packages and reschedule package deliveries to ensure they can be home to receive them.

The Oct. 10 news release has more information. USPS also offered suggested international and military mailing deadlines this week.


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