Dozens of post office managers have been caught changing employee time cards.

Supervisors found to be cheating were rarely disciplined — often receiving only a warning or more training. In four cities, arbitration documents show, post office managers continued to alter time cards after promising union leaders they would stop.

Since 2005, meanwhile, the Postal Service has been cited by the federal government 1,150 times for underpaying letter carriers and other employees, including one case that involved 164 violations, according to Labor Department data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The agency determined that those workers lost about $659,000 in pay. But it allowed the Postal Service to pay back less than half after negotiations with the agency — a common practice at the Labor Department. About 19% of the cases did not indicate whether the Postal Service paid back employees.

These findings point to widespread wage theft at the iconic quasi-governmental institution. Yet they offer only a partial view of the problem. Not captured are any arbitration cases filed by other postal unions or wage theft grievances settled before reaching arbitration.

Cases keep cropping up as the Postal Service struggles to pay off $188 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities, accrued largely because federal law requires it to prepay retiree healthcare and pension benefits. The agency has cut nearly 142,000 jobs since 2007, and in March 2020, it needed a $10 billion emergency loan from Congress to help pay its bills.

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This is all true and so wrong.. management got the bonus for this…it’s criminal..sad for all those hours worked for free…

Sounds like our current administration. The O’Biden syndrome!

It all boils down to the same thing…”Poor Management” Nothing ever happens to management, they can beg, borrow, steal and cheat and nothing ever happens to them. But yet the employees get hung out to dry and fired, for not doing half. It’s also correct that Management will get bonuses for screwing over the employees, or working their fingers to the bone with the lack of staffing. Yea, let’s give management a bonus for working 40 hours while the employees are made to work 50-75, and not have anytime with their families. Our Union has filed several grievances on Management… Read more »

Like I said, mismanagement is NEVER facing the consequences for their actions. We have leaders in the White House since Obama printing money, giving it away and getting paid while being @ home. Pelosi does the same crap! Postal management is allowed to spend money and get more money from congress which simply means the taxpayers are paying for it; UNRESOLVED greivances that the supervisors extend (extension to the greviance) and the union takes years to settle. Employee get compensated for the “wait”. The supervisors can discipline repeatedly for blaitant bullcrap and finally fire employees as they see fit. Been… Read more »

You are absolutely right, I am a uni I n steward and all the extensions are ridiculous. Union is in bed with management.

Linda like Biden is in bed with the China. Need proper leadership and there would be less grieving on the workroom floor! More work could get done and you “the steward” could work your job.

Its a shame that these poor mail carriers working don’t get paid their overtime, that management makes them work. These men and women mail carriers are the heart and back of the postal service. They work hard to make sure people get their mail, while the Supervisors do nothing but cheat them out of their pay. The postal service needs to make changes within the different unions. I worked as a clerk in mail processing and maintenance as a custodian and supply clerk. I have seen these poor letter carriers in all kinds of weather, hot (no AC in the… Read more »

Sounds about right.