USPS Falling Short on Social Media, Says IG

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May 18, 2017

Public inquiries and feedback to the Postal Service increasingly are made through social media but the agency does not “effectively respond” to them, an IG report has said.

The agency has a social media strategy that includes monitoring customers’ postings to its social media platforms, which collectively received more than 390,000 posts in 2016, it said. Research into leading practices for responding to customers over social media indicates that they expect responses within an hour, seven days a week, it added.

However, an audit found that USPS did not consistently respond to inquiries, that it closed nearly a quarter of actionable items as not actionable, and that it automatically deleted some posts after 48 hours, even if they had not been reviewed by an agent. That happened with 35 percent over the entire year and 68 percent on December 23, 2016, one of the busiest mailing days of the year.


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